Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Budget Day Wednesdee

Wonka here.   We came too nicely this morn and Owner even spent time playing my favourite game which is pounce on Owner's foot as if it is a mousey!!  I do have to remember not to bite through the coverlet and duvet though.  it is exciting and a good start to the day.  Also to report that Mr Beau decided to book in for the night and seeing as how I love him, this was music to my little furry ears.  he flops down and lays there and Owner being Owner checks to see if he is still breathing and usually he just stays in the same position for hours!! With Owner carefully stepping round him.  We love it.

Fresh and budget para.  yes it is budget day with that nice overgrown schoolboy George delivering news about this bit of pounds and that bit of pounds.  Owner's ears pricked up about the pension news which she sort of understood.  I said to Owner I said, let's face it Owner no one really understands the pension malarkey and all people want to know is have they got enough £s to live on with a bit extra for fun days out.   Owner received some monetary demands in the post and said straight off.  WE MUST CUT DOWN.  Honestly good folks out there have I not been dishing out this sound advice for months on end?  The figures always look more frightening on paper and to calm owner down I played with a few of my toys and laid in my Amazon box.  the best way to make Owner laugh though is when she cannot find me (I am usually under the bed) and says WONKA WHERE ARE YOU? and I suddenly appear like a race car rushing up the hallway.  It wears me out folks but as you know Happy Owner = Happy me.  For our photoshoot I did ask Owner to do a nice cartoon of the Cat God which had a little mention yesterdee to do with Mr Beau being in the clear (He is not missing cat Ozzie.). Here is our very own Cat God, Bastet to give it the real good Egyptian name:  flown up top, there she is, she guards our kitchen side and did have a chipped ear which Owner remodelled.  Owner says has had this god for thirty years and cannot imagine not having her there.  Those Egyptians knew a thing or too and fancy they are in our kitchen today.  Tomorrow, says Owner we could have a proper photoshoot of the Pyramids which are in our kitchen too.  On the wall good folks!  We love it.

final finance free para.  Owner trotted off to work and reports the little people were on their best but it seems to go a bit downhill for the not so little people.  it all went by in a blur she said.  When she fell back in with some further supplies for me and the others, she was singing three coins in a fountain.  Significance Owner I went?  AN ADVENTURE like the Paris one she goes back.  I did have a smallish sulk about being left in charge but rallied round after a bit of spoiling.  I also asked the important question of whether it could be afforded from behind the door but she was singing and may not have heard me.  Did we cope with Enders you want to know.  Only by doing something else and glancing at it now and then.  We saw foxy and Roxy in a room with Staycee who is still on with the same expression.  This is causing Owner a lot annoyance so I may have to write in.  The last we saw was Kat in Court.  In a witness box and goodness knows that can only mean trouble.  We have Corrie x 1 for tonight and the tension is mounting with kevin due to turn up and put a spanner in the works (just my little joke folks!) born again Christian Owen not rising to the bully boy bait not to mention Tina's tell all to whoever may listen threat.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold specially if you are budgeting.  Big Love Wonka x