Monday, 10 March 2014

Dreamy Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner reports I bounced on her chest in the night and it was not warranted.  apart from saying what does that mean Owner I also said as quick as you like, 1.  I did not mean it 2.  what would have made that treble bounce on your ribs excusable deep in the night behaviour?  and Owner goes back I FORGIVE YOU.  but seriously folks I cannot remember jumping up and down on Owner's head or chest all I can think of is when I thought I saw a usurper cat in the yard whilst on bedroom window watch  in the deepest bit of the night, and may have taken a shortcut over the bed to get down the stairs for a good proper look.  IT IS STILL alright goes Owner who says had another good night's sleep with dreams to back it all up.  OH I went.  I love it.

Fresh and dreamified para.  Owner went through the day and still is in it in a dream if you ask me.  This big form is on the table and she says she is thinking it over. Quote.  Now usually this would take a good grip on the day and cause lots of anxiety ridden behaviour.  Like going through a million bits of paperwork to find one small item of information vital to the form, and having one cup of healthy tea after another.  and sweets.  but NO.  The form is still on the table being thought about.   What about a photoshoot I goes?  You choose she says back.  so here we are folks.   Perhaps you all remember when Owner watched Tom Hanks in a film X 2 and fell into such a benign mood I wouldn't mind having that in tablet form.  Tom Hanks Tablets!!!   Well this is the nearest thing to Owner's mood.  It is dreamy and SOMEWHERE else.  And in the good sketch there we are on my giant nest stroke settee glued to it.  Now Owner has been out do not worry, looked after a lot of little people who were extremely good for a Mundee she says, and even brought back some shopping.  Ruggles has been in twice and Mr Beau is busy chomping and doing his laid back thing in our dining room.   The golden ticket has arrived from Sheffield for Owner's DREAM made real to see a live snooker match and who knows our hero Ronnie O and so it is true good folks out there it really is a dreamy day for Owner.  We love it.

final half awake para.  We watched all the icey skaters doing their thing last night and if Hayles did not win she should have but Ray thingy swooped around the ice and won it all.  Torville and Dean our legends did it again and all cried.  then Owner watched the Midwife over on beeb one and cried solid through that.  We don't expect to cry at corrie x 2 or Enders x 1 not with these storylines.  In corrie we are waiting and holding our breath for Temptress Tina to wreak (??) her revenge on recovered alcoholic thrice or more married Peter.  Owen is not (on the list!) fighting back whilst gingertop post traumatic stress Gazzer wants to.  Oh and Sally and her basic boyfriend are drinking out of cartons whilst Sopheee is craze for Maduh stroke Madeee,  Enders may bring Owner out of the dream simply by being Enders.  Who knows what the storyline may bring.  foxy and roxy declaring they are sisters, Sharon being begged by rotten through and through Phil to stay with him and her chimney sweep son to stay too and if all that isn't enough we have the star of the show.....Carol's cancer.  We adore it.

Now do go steady all you dreamers out there in the Wold wherever you are in.  big love Wonka x