Saturday, 29 March 2014

Gnoming Satdee!

Wonka here.  Just lately Mr Beau is turning up of an evening, helping himself to our facilities and then after some deliberation taking off again.  At least I know good and growly Ruggles is not stopping.  So I have broken the routine by not going into my giant spare nest of a night, but tucking under Owner's bed.  From here I can see any invaders straight off but still remain OUT OF SIGHT.  This means I could if I were to be brave rush at them and bite them on the ankle.  Or give them a nasty scratch instead of wasting it all on Owner.  of course there aren't any invaders!!  Just giving it some thought.  We came too nicely if a little early for a LIE IN DAY.  Owner said when she tramped downstairs.  IS IT ONLY 7?  I was too busy knocking against all the pouches and biscuits to notice and I did say can you hurry up with my breakfast but she may not have heard me above the tap running.  I love it.

Fresh para to break the news.  What news you say, relaxing on this still freezing where we are Satdee.?  KNOCK KNOCK at the good front door.  WHO COULD THAT BE goes Owner from the depths of the kitchen.  is it the invaders I wondered from the safety of the top of the stairs?  It was the good postman with a big box.  THANKYOU she goes and puts it on the table.  I know you are all thinking was it ticking etc.....but Owner is not silly NO, she saw a little label on it which said it was from her very best friend who she went to PARIS with.  One of the three.  Eventually Owner does open it.  We were both on tenterhooks (what are they?) to see the surprise inside and the note said that good friend had overheard Owner saying how much she needed this for her good back yard.  YES IT IS A FRIENDLY GNOME plus watering can.  And here is a photoshoot and  sketch:  I have flown the cartoon up top, as he is now being friendly in the back yard and has a little bit of lavender in his pot.  he is next to ladybird and tortoise and we can see him from the best window, it is my best look out from the sideboard.   This photo folks, is the box!! and last up is a photo of our good gnome on the side before he was popped out back.............Isn't he just the ticket!! and just to the right folks you can see a bit of the beauty ceramic frog made by daughter and the note beneath him is from good friend.  it really did make Owner smile and be happy which is of course the main job of any good gnome.  I do think good folks out there that the magic of MOO continues to work...................

Final happy gnoming para.  Now owner is on about going off to the happy place for an hour or so, and thankfully this will give me a chance to have a proper rest up.  it has been all go so far, with Owner doing this and doing that and I've hardly had time to think!!  We got through the soap offerings last night and can report a fleeting appearance by Masood, or at least his waterproof postie jacket which seemed to have a bigger part than he did. Jane is studiously ignoring him (like that word) which is what happens in real life Owner said, when you like someone that they do not know you are there, that you are very intelligent and very attractive etc.  it doesn't help said Owner that if you do really like someone you then come across as daft bordering on crazy, only able to speak in words of one syllabub (not sure on that but Owner says near enough).  So really it's all back to Shakespeare for some lessons on love, for Masood that is, as Jane is simply not aware you exist.  Business man and erstwhile homeless Ian is in the happy position of appealing to half the women on the square at the minute but this could change.  There are other love trysty things going on but some of them  are to do with roxy and foxy and they just murder anyone they don't like so.  over on Corrie things were hardly improved with eyebrows to die for Carla making big babeh decisions and born again Christian Owen can't hold gearing up for a fight Gazzer a moment longer.  And Stella stella says is leaving for New York.  Aren't we all said Owner.  tonight is the big night of THE VOICE and Owner is complaining that Marvin stroke Marlin is too good looking and how can anyone be as perfect as he is.  I said there will be a downside but I cannot think what it is yet.  Sir Tom is the master of the one syllabub and his fave word is GREAT.  Kylie is busy looking good, Willyam is also keen with the one word thing and his is DOPE.  I mean the last we knew this word could also mean you are an idiot stroke dope.  But there we are a bit old fashioned.  We do love Rickeeeee and he can conversate.  Must dash as time for my snooze before the tea time sittings!

Real final para.   Owner has jived back in says had the fastest swim of her life and I goes HOW COME and she says because she SAW SOMEONE SHE KNEW and wished she could have swum into an invisible tunnel.  What did you do instead I goes back?  PRETENDED I HADN'T SEEN HIM! she said.  Now I have used this tactic many a time with the odd cat and I must say it is very confounding for the one who is being ignored as they are thinking here I am, YOOHOO!  But we all know that Owner is a master at these situations.  When in doubt, either pretend you are invisible or they are!! We love it.  Now Rug sped in for his first sitting closely followed by Dr Doolittle.  Somehow Owner managed the situation so that none of us scrapped, growled or had to go invisible.  We are set for the night and even tmro is set to be alright (another hospital visit with aged sibling - it is all systems go in this house folks).  Now do go steady yourselves out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and sometimes, it is OK to pretend you are invisible just like you did when you were a child.  Big Love Wonka x