Saturday, 1 March 2014

Keep Going Satdee

Wonka here.  Did we slowly slowly and gently does it ease into the new day good folks out there, our fab idol radio 2 presenter Aneka Rice would have been proud even though we slept in past her good programme.  But it was alright as our fave Brian Matthews was delivering up his and I quote sound of the sixties.  We listened to that whilst Owner trudged through the chores! we love it! 

Fresh para in the spirit of keep going:  what is this you say?  Needless to say we cannot have a day clear of situations and things and here follows a list: 1.   There is an unwritten law that says if Owner is enjoying herself and feeling relaxed plus fairly (keep it on the level!) attractive something must then click in or kick in actually to detract from that.  making it a minus situation in my ever humble opinion.  2.  There is an unwritten law that says whatever this rotten tricksy upsetting thing is it must not get in the way of feeding and looking after me, rugglesis and the others oh alright Mr Beaujangles.  By way of allowing you good folks out there to visualise (ooh I say) this, here follows a photoshoot:  here we are with just a small selection to keep us going!  we love it.

Fresh para to say more:  why does Owner get down and depressed you wonder well here is a little and small insight into Owner's world and then we can get back to talking about me.  ~First off Owner comes back all happy from a swim a shop and a visit in that exact order.  She has new books to read and more than this has found a childhood book for her book slot in tmro's good blog if I let her have one.  a slot.  Of course I will! Only joking Owner!  well then she gets a form saying where is the form you say you have sent us we have not got it.  I have to own up I did pop upstairs and under the bed in case and I did say to Owner, it will be alright they might find it or it might just need all refilling in it will only take an hour of your life Owner but she couldn't hear me above going into the black hole of Calcutta which doubles as our warehouse stroke tiny cupboard for all the things we need in a cupboard and searching for the readings of 1.  the electric and 2.  the gas.  I could hear muffled words like FOR GOODNESS SAKE and I CANNOT SEE..but I wouldn't swear to that.  I did say to Owner to put the light on but she couldn't hear me from being deep in the black hole.  When she finally came out I tried not to remind her I needed my teatime but found myself saying I was starving.  she didn't hear me above shouting and I quote: there is nothing more depressing than doing a meter reading and you know it will be ASTRONOMIC (checked this word out it is a real word to do with outer space I think).  You will want to know my advice on all of this good folks as it could be you next!  It's in the title and you know it.  Even beloved Owner knows it.  Face it deal with it move on.  And I have been known to whisper this from under the bed folks!

Real final para.   Once Owner had come round from the trials of life and realised her fave programme American idol was on the mists cleared and all turned out fine.  They are all singing and trilling and doing those frilly bits and either getting voted in or out and crying either way.  We love it.  then is the double whammy of The voice which is our good effort in this country at finding some talent.  and if anyone can find it we think Kylie is in with a shout! and we do like Marlin stroke marvin.  to round it all off is casualtee with more exciting storylines about dysfunctional (Owner says this is a good word and uses it all the time herself. ?) nurses and doctors.  not to mention Charlie.  Now ruggles was there for his breakfast and Owner rubbed his back as thought he was cold.  he was eating his heart out so he let this happen with no growling.  we love him.  Do go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x