Thursday, 27 March 2014

Magic MOO Thursdee

Wonka here.   The east wind doth blow folks and - well the rest of that saying says - and we shall have snow!  and Owner goes OH NO!  I like a bit of poetry to start the day.  Now Mr Beau Beau bleated to go out yesterdee eve and Owner goes, IT IS RAINING out there, do you really want to go out, and he just sits there and stares out at it.  Ten minutes later, he makes the decision to go out.  No wonder our heating bills are enormous I mumbled from a few rooms away, but Owner didn't hear me above the kettle on.  So just me and Owner rising up to meet the day, I had a nice cuddle and a gentle game of bite Owner's foot through the duvet.  We love it!

As promised para:  yesterdee, it was traumatic (Owner said) and all sorts going on.  Aged parent was shipped off to hospital and Owner is set to visit today.  ARE YOU ALRIGHT Owner I goes, once I'd been fed and looked after in every respect.  READY TO GO she says.  Now for our photoshoot you have a treat.  Owner did promise more on MOO and here it is!!  I have flown it up top AND, made it bigger too!!

Fresh exciting para.  and there is more on MOO.  This good folks out there is how it all began and Owner did write it down..  it happened just like we said with Owner trundling along in the skylark with good grandson, both in low spirits and then!  MOO came into their lives, courtesy of the numberplate on the car in front..... you cannot see as it is fuzzy but, Owner wrote it all down just like people do when they have a proper VISION and entered into a competition in a well known book shop.  you can see sort of it says WHAT's YOUR STORY?  And Owner faithfully reported on MOO and how he could make you laugh and lift your spirits.  and the mantra is MOO is Powerful, MOO knows all (best bit) MOO will catch you when you fall.  We love it and hope it has at the very least made you smile folks out there in the Wold.

Final newsy para:  Masterchef delivered bigtime last night and Owner's fave is Roberto he looks like a chef he looks like a winner (she goes) and he uses Smash pretend potato.  it is on tonight and I am thanking our lucky stars or MOO.  I did whisper to Owner that Enders is on not once but twice and how I can fend this off I do not know.  I can try some diversion tactics like asking repeatedly for more food, a change of luxury cat litter, is that Mr Beau or best Rug out back, but can I keep it up for an hour?? I may have to write in.  If nasty nick is to rise up from the dead we may have to turn over.  Masood may come to the rescue as someone is listening to us (at last) and forming a love story for him with good and kindly Jane who seems to be saving all single handed.  We love her.

Real final and Magic Moo para.  What you say is this magic.. first off (list) when Owner returned from long journey to visit aged parent in hospital 1.  She says a miracle may have happened to Aged Parent's leg and foot as it is bandaged to the nines and may yet be saved (thanks be to MOO) and second off, and this really is an out and out miracle folks.  When Owner had parked up the car with no name and tramped for what always seems miles when you need to be there and it is raining, she checks in her good and beauty pink bag for mobile no 1.  IT IS NOT THERE.  she gets to the hospital at last and is sure they moved it further away, and sits down and empties entire bag.  IT IS STILL NOT THERE.  Aged parent who is now mostly happy all the time (thanks be to the tablets says Owner, and of course I am keeping a note of what they are in case Owner......) said the only doom ridden thing of the visit when Owner reports missing mobile.  OH DEAR she went, and Perhaps there is a lesson there....Remarkably, Owner did not go on a giant worrywart, but sped back to the car with no name thinking please mobile no 1, be in the car.  and guess what folks out there? Some kind angel possibly prompted by MOO had placed Owner's mobile against the windscreen wipers on the car.  Owner is FULL OF GRATITUDE.   and last but well worth a mention is that a little prayer in advance to MOO will often find you that parking space you badly need.  Oh yes.  So really good folks, we cannot moan a second longer as today has had some full on magic.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x