Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothering Sundee

Wonka here.  That hour has a lot to answer for good folks out there!  some of you are blissfully unaware that we silly old British people have to muck around with the HOUR!  so last night I said to Owner DON'T FORGET THE HOUR....round we go adjusting this watch and that clock and then we get to the beloved timer in the cupboard that masterminds the entire heating.  And this to Owner, is SACROSANCT (says this is near enough the word she means).  It must operate at all times.  She twizzles it round and says WONKA have I done it right and I said to double check it.  Owner loves a double check.  All is well and we got up an hour later and poor Ruggles who know nothing of these lost hours was out there waiting for his chomp.  We love him.

Fresh Mother's Day para.  yes here it is that day of the year when (list) 1.  You wish you had a Mother 2. You wish you didn't have a Mother (!!) and 3.  You are fed up with a Day for this and a Day for that and say in a moany voice IT IS ALL A BIG MUNNY MAKING SCHEME.  And I say that is the capitalist society for you, and Owner says this is an excellent answer to most questions and thinks MARX may have started that ball rolling.  However, in this house as you all know Aged parent, that is Mother, is giving them all hell in the hospital and Owner is set to visit.  DO YOU HAVE THE CARD owner I goes?  YES AND THE CHOCS she said to reassure me.  We love her.  most of the time...........

Fresh and enduring para.  Now lest we forget what other day it is, it is (blare of the trumpets!)
**************OWNER'S BOOK SLOT OF THE WEEK!!*********************

And here it is good folks............. 

Mary Poppins!!  By P L Travers..............

Does anyone out there not know of this good story??  there were more than one as Mary Poppins did come and go into the children's lives usually when needed most.  Her companion was Bert, and she was hired to be nanny to Jane and Michael Banks and the twins John and Barbara.  The thing is, she was magical and someone that we would all like to sail into our lives - she famously says 'I'll stay until the wind changes'...... at no 17 Cherry Tree Lane, with her carpet bag and secret medicines.  Owner's copy of this good book is illustrated by Mary Shepard and Owner got very excited when she read the dedication from her copy, which is Collins 1960 reprint.  It says: 
1875 - 1928

And what a good day to discover this I went........ Here is the back cover which I shall fly up top!!  It shows off all four children and the famous Mary Poppin's bag.  We love it.

Final mothering para.  Owner sauntered back in from stressful visit to aged parent made all the more stressful by having aged sibling in tow.  SHE LOVED THE CARDS goes Owner and reports that Mother made jokes albeit (says OK word to use) at her expense.  Meaning I goes?  I WAS THE BUTT OF THE JOKE said Owner who was still alright and smiling and at no point good folks have I had to hide under beds or round doors!!  It seems that when Owner arrived back in this street aka motorway express and stairway to the heavens alright I am exaggerating she cruised along with an ice cream van behind her and a driving instructor car behind that and goodness what coming towards her.  She spied a space and indicated nicely to the right and over she goes to do a wotsit park.  The ice cream van is also being a nice van and stops to let her do the reverse into this minute I have to tell you space.  WONKA IT WAS A PERFECT PARK she says.  The nice cream van shot off on its way possibly to an ice cream emergency, but the driving instructor looks over at Owner and gives her the nod!!   I WAS VERY PROUD she said.  And I am too!!!  It is not often Owner is praised for her parking and many a time I have had to pretend I didn't see it from the good bay window at front!!  She didn't notice me putting that folks so we can stand easy.  Now tonight I have checked and there is nothing at all on to suit Mother's Day.  I don't think The woman in Black or white or whatever colour it is, is the right thing so we may still watch Escape Plan.  I did say May............  We are all hoping for a week to suit our dreams and so do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.
Big Love Wonka x