Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Out of sorts Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Somehow we trolled on with the day as Owner woke up feeling like something was missing in her life.  Is it a kitten?  I enquired, because as we all know this has been debated and talked about for ever and a day.  IT'S NOT THAT she goes.  she does admit I need a proper playmate because (list) 1.  Best teddy bear Rugglesis doesn't know how to play and has behavioural probs like inappropriate (ooer) hissing and growling and 2.  Mr Beaujangles forgets he has moved in here and is using it like a hotel.  I tried to wash him the other day and he put up a fight. 3.  We both watched good Holby city last night which isn't a city it is a hospital and one of the patients had a beauty ginger kitwit,  We loved it.

Fresh and fulsome para.   so what is this missing thing I pondered on, well when I wasn't sleeping, napping, playing with my catnip blue fish thing and pawing all the boxes to draw Owner's attention back round to me and my starvation levels.  I AM ON A TREADMILL she goes.  Honestly good folks out there I could not see one anywhere!  What about a photoshoot I goes to try and bring her back to earth (and my feeding schedule).  And there is no pun intended because I don't know what they are but I have encouraged Owner to do a mid week gardening slot.  Maybe this is what is missing.  Or not.  As per I have flung it up top.  First off you will notice to the left hand side a wooden thing well that is a seal carved by departed Dad of Owner and only discovered by her at the last minute in the front garden of the late lamented ancestral home.  it was buried under overgrown grass and such.  We love it.  Then there is tortoise, with a moving head, a gift from a work colleague (?) and lastly to the right there is a plastic ladybird from the cavernous supermarket that Owner will not go in anymore. Can we have a brighter more positive photoshoot I begged and here it is. 
A little trough with Daffs in it, and lavender and a weedy thing.  I love it.

final missing para.  When Owner fell back in with plenty more food for me, she said the little people seemed fewer on the ground than the slightly less little people.  there was still plenty of tooing and froing and he said she said though.  WAS THAT THE STAFF I said to make Owner smile but she was busy chopping mushrooms and on about that treadmill again.  Mr Beau had made a return visit, had a nosh had a sleep and demanded to go out whilst Rugg not been spotted as yet.  We did spy Bertie earlier on making a trip to the luxury shed when he thought we weren't on lookout duty.  WE WERE!  He is a big kitten reports Owner.  And a well fed one, I added onto that.  Now tonight we must be ready and waiting for good Corrie at seven it is earlydoors.  perhaps we will see Tina temptress found out, or that living dead builder seeking revenge on ginger top Gazzer.  We love it.  and then I think this is what Owner is missing good folks out there.  it is a good thriller DVD.  And I have poked one out with my paw for her to look at later on.  It is called Gangsta Squad and the write up says PURE CLASS with 5 stars.   We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  specially those of you on planes having to watch films not half as good as Gangsta Squad.  Big Love Wonka x