Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sleeting Satdee!

Wonka here.  first off for some unknown reason I did not jump on the bed this morning and Owner goes..WONKA WHERE ARE YOU.  I was actually only in the next room (not THAT next room) sleeping nicely.  I am just here I whispered back but she didn't hear me above getting up and stomping into the room.  Yes it may have been the fact that Mr Beau who stopped the night was up near Owner's head and that is one of my spots, but as for sulking and feeling left out good folks out there, MOI? I think not.  ~and of course I did get extra cuddles and tummy tickles etc.  I love it.

Fresh and sleeting para.  After a very creative start with Owner painting away as if all the time in the world, she goes is that the time Wonka?  YES I replied, as luckily I was still awake unlike Mr Beau who had flopped down at the top of the stairs, strangely just where Baba used to lay.  His inner workings are also a reminder here too.  I will have to flag it up to Owner that if he is staying we need another luxury cat tray.   Not today though, as when Owner returned from a Fraught visit (says) to aged parent and it was sleeting out there, I  decided to raise this matter later on, when Owner is back to sunny setting.  Were you a good visitor I whispered from behind the door?  I LOST MY PATIENCE goes Owner.  The sleet though has taken her mind off the visit and back to where it should be.  On us Cats.  I hope, she goes, that Ruggles has gone in the luxury shed.  Now last night, good teddy bear Ruggles trots in as per, has a chomp, as per and goes on the linen basket.  This is as long as his nerves hold out.  Between his nerves and Owner's nerves, it is very tense dear folks out there.  then it happened.  I could not resist creeping into the kitchen from the safety of the dining room just to sniff him on the foot.  next thing Owner does her checking thing, and sees that I am held fast by a claw, on the linen basket.  Actually, it was on a linen thing that Owner had draped over the basket.  For Ruggles, she said.  Well I was trapped, and Good Ruggles was growling at me, and I was growling back.  GOODNESS. said Owner and took action.  She decided to unhook my claw and risk 1.  me giving her a nasty scratch and 2.  Ruggles giving her a black eye and 3.  all of this happening.  but St Francis may have been watching as nothing happened except I ran away as fast as I could.  
Now the photoshoot which is flown up top, was a cartoon by Owner who is poised on the left to rescue me, with two paws stuck fast and there is good and giant Rug on the linen basket.  nerves ahoy!!   for some reason, the gods of google have made the sizing thing work and I have made the cartoon bigger.  I love it.

Final stopped sleeting para.  Owner has announced she is going back to the happy place to swim as it may quote de-stress her.  Well we look forward to that I said from behind the door.  Now tonight once all the sittings for tea and supper are done with there is The Voice and it is the 'lives' to use their words.  12 singers sing and then it is struck down to 4 (?) Owner says the rules are confusing and is it just her.  We think it is a lot of other people too.  But, we want jermain and sally to get through they are our faves.  Good casualtee is on and we trying to follow the ins and outs somehow.  There were two bruvverly doctors where is the other one owner said.  And why is thingy back with his wife and what about Tess.  it is a mystery except to Charlie nursey.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x