Sunday, 23 March 2014

Soft Sundee

Wonka here.  Owner said on waking up this is warm and snuggly is it time to get up and then I heard nothing more for another hour or so.  This is lovely said Owner when she woke up x 2, and we had tummy tickle followed by chase the foot.  I ask you is there a better way to wake up?  I love it.  We cruised downstairs and popped good Radio 2 on, no it is not Hardeep it is good Claire balding no she is not really she has a good head of hair!   just my little joke Claire!  Rug did call for his breakfast before off on his rounds but no sign of Dr Doolittle aka Mr Beau aka Mr Beaujangles.  I love him.

Soft and gentle para.  Owner's mood has reset itself good folks out there and I would say it is a soft setting.  yes.  She is smiling and sunny natured, and I said is it the new would be vegan diet Owner.   POSSIBLY she goes.  or, I said, is it the swimming.  COULD BE, she goes.  Owner is now swimming twice a week and eventually, quote, there MUST BE A DIFFERENCE, says Owner.  I goes, is it how much food you cram down when you come back but she didn't hear me above the Fast Eco Wash.  if I am in love with Mr Beau, Owner is in love with the Eco washes.  Without further ado folks, it is time yet again for ****************OWNER'S BOOK SLOT***************

Fresh book slot para.  And here it is: It is THOMASINA by PAUL GALLICO.........
Thomasina is a cat 'beloved of Mary Ruadh' and she does tell the story.  it is about life, death and .....Owner says you must read it, as Mr Gallico is a master storyteller - anyone who can bring us to tears and back again is telling a story we want to hear.  There is a film of this good story too and Owner remembers Susan Hampshire was in it, and the little girl Mary was played by a young Scottish actress.  And the cat you say?  As you know Owner has loved us felines all her life, and any story with a cat in it...........Do read this if you can says Owner, and learn about broken hearts and how to mend them.  She loves it.

Final and softly softly para.  Today folks has glided by like a dream, with Owner going about things in such a fashion, painting and doing.  Painting what you say?  Owner is proud to mention that she has the Cover of the Easter Story all ready, and lots of other sketches to go with the Story.  All will be revealed!!  Now last night we did see some of The Voice after owner returned from the happy place and her swim.  I might, she goes, watch it again.  Luckily I can cope with this as anything must be better than the films I am having to watch on good Film 4.  the first one was about destiny and she had to meet this chap with a certain name and she had to go all the way to Rome to find him.  I did say to Owner is that where you are going next, and if you can't fall in love in Rome where can you..but she didn't hear me above the next film which has a similar plotline only it is set in New York.  We think.  Even the heroine is uttering love lorn lines.  I have begged to turn over to watch something sensible like good countryfile with the doom ridden weatherforecast for the WEEK AHEAD but Owner has gone a bit dreamy.  have you gone soft in the head I said from behind the door in such a quiet voice I hardly heard myself say it.... she didn't hear me folks above the daft plotlines and dialogue.  Now good Rug has been for teatime and I was not allowed even a teensy glimpse after the incident with the claws.  ~~We have a small Mr Beau alert, but not tinkers who was sighted streaking in the direction of the luxury shed.  We love it.  Now do go steady in the Wold wherever you are in it, and let us have a perfect week.  Big love Wonka x