Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Starry eye Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We have gradually shifted from being dreamy and not there to yes, that is it good folks, a starry eyed Owner.  Nothing is to stand in her way.  and I can hardly bring myself to say it but the credit card TAKES ALL THE CREDIT for this happening.  Why so you ask?  and what about the weather and the nature of your sleep?  Well I slept like a top thanks for asking and Owner reports some of her usual laying there like a beached whale waiting for sleep to overtake her  yes.  Then Up we got and started with the day at hand.  A sunny day at hand.  The form is still on the table joined with another form.  The second form has taken up some of Owner's short attention span which is equal to a gnat at the minute.  I love it.  As long as I am fed, fed, fed again, checked on, double checked on and played with and the whole thing started up all over again, Owner can be as dreamy and starry eyed as she likes.

Fresh para all about the card.  What is this you say?  First up did Owner put on a washing and disappear upstairs to do something.  I do think it was to do with the second form.  When she comes down she goes WHAT IS THAT BURNING SMELL and hang on (quote) the radio has gone off.  yes that's right folks, the fuse had gone.  Owner went into the black hole to tackle this fuse and tackled it right.  I did wonder if Owner would connect (no pun) the two events and finally, the truth of the matter seeped through into Owner's dreamy and starcrossed state.  The poor ten year old washer had washed (sort of) its last load.  WOE she goes.  Out comes the credit card which will shoulder the cost of a new one.  If only I thought, it stops there.  Did it stop there good folks?  OF COURSE NOT.  The photoshoot is a calming one of me and Mr Beau to divert my attention from the new balance on the card.  Here it is: There is me on the good nest stroke settee and Mr Beau is sprawled out below on the luxury carpet.   It should be catpet shouldn't it!!  I
do like my little joke especially when we are facing starvedom.  We have to love it.

final starry starry day para.  When Owner stumbled back in weighed down by bags of shopping and not a food shop in sight I tried my best to be kind and thoughtful but instead I may have blurted out BUT YOU DIDN'T NEED another one of those, or two of them and why have you bought more of..........of course I was saying all of this downstairs whilst Owner was upstairs trying everything on so she may not have heard me.  After I had admired all said how beautiful she looked in it and how young and how the heck are we going to manage, no I did not say the last bit I wisely thought it.  Owner is simply trusting she says in the powers of the Universe to help out.  In that nick of time thing I goes.  YES she said back.  Now tonight after all have been looked after with me first then Rug and then Beau Beau we may watch Enders.  Owner did not notice much last night except to comment that Roxy and Foxy have gone and done it now.  And Dot has got a small storyline about her nere do well son evil Nick cotton who has gone and died (not really).  Corrie kept up the relentless storyline of bullyboy builder against a somewhat wise and kind born again Christian Owen and set em up Gazzer. We loved it.  Goodness knows what storyline Enders will settle on tonight and perhaps Owner will get a grip whilst watching it.  Holby City is struggling with several bitty stories says Owner which just means she may have gone off it.  Temporarily, as there is nothing else on to go off.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in IT yes I did notice I forgot to put the it in yesterdee and it was Owner who focussed for two seconds to tell me.  big Love Wonka x