Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunny all round Sundee

Wonka here.  Sun filled bedroom, all is peaceful all is nice and we drifted on down to start this good looking day.  Where is Ruggles goes Owner, he is not there but Bertie boy, the new usurper, who has overtaken Tinkerbelle at it, he is there bolting out of the shed and through the gate.  HE IS A CLEVER CLOG goes Owner, and I looked up from my third offering (not keen on the first two) to say IN WHAT REGARD?  he has got the hang of my routine visits to the luxury shed said Owner, quote unquote.  I love it.

Fresh and newsworthy para.  Owner reports a photoshoot on that good facebook of a missing cat that, and I quote, looks suspiciously like Mr Beau.  Have you told them I went??  YES says Owner, and she uploaded a photo of him too.  Like most good things that are lost the minute you say you have found them do they go missing immediately.  Ever since Owner thinks Mr Beau might instead be a cat called OZZIE (I did say if I was called Ozzie I would go missing but Owner didn't hear me above the drone of the washer) and posted a COMMENT to say as much, he has not been sighted.  No.  To take our minds of this and the fact that good Rug hasn't been round yet either I have said to Owner, Owner  it is ******************Owner's Book slot of the week slot!!!!*******************
It is a favourite book and also a film and even better, it is based on a true story folks:
The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford.  This story is about Luath, a young Labrador, Tao, a Siamese cat and Bodger, a Bull Terrier.  Three Friends who go off together and on their incredible journey - Owner watched this film as a child and has loved it eversince.  Everytime there is a bull terrier dog it is Bodger.  There is the original film, says Owner (the best of course) and there is another one which is alright.  If you love animals, and specially us felines and canines, you will love this book.  We don't just love it, we ADORE it!!

Fresh and sunny para.  The only problem Owner said, about going to a new place, is that I missed American idol.  personally and you might agree with me folks out there in the Wold, I don't see any problem with missing Yo Dog, and 'that was a bit shouty' and YOU ARE THRU TO HOLLYWOOD (is that a forest somewhere?? just my little joke!!).  but then disaster has struck.  Channel 5 for some terrible reason has upset Owner.  How you say?  it has gone and 'dropped' Idol.  YES.  It let Owner watch all the way up to programme 13 (Unlucky for Owner) and then some random overpaid nitwit said I KNOW let's just stop putting this programme on that all are enjoying.  WOE.  Owner has complained on all known means of complaining and especially to me.  And if Channel 5 can't come up with any better excuse to drop one of Owner's faves then they should consider the IMPACT ON ME.  And no, we do not love Channel 5 or any its offspins like 5*.  Not until they put IDOL back on!!  What did Owner do you say?   Says she will have to now go out more.  Every cloud I said, from behind the door. 

final and last sunfilled para.  We did watch the voice but more WOE as wait for it, Owner disagreed with good and previously cannot put a foot wrong Kylie judge.  Kylie did not put thru sorry I mean through, a man called Femi something, who me and Owner strongly backed.  At the moment we are not friends with Kylie.  We are friends with sir Tom though as agreed with his three singers.  Tonight we must be more glued as there is more battling and choosing to do.  owner has been off out (again) swimming and shopping I said at this rate you will whittle away Owner!  Do I take that as a compliment she goes to me, YES I said.  I love her.  Together we have watched Rear window for the mnnth time because we love jimmy Stew and Grace Kelly in anything.  That was when they made proper films said Owner and judging by some of the offerings on CHANNEL 5 I have to agree.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold whether you are swimming, shopping, or filming it.  The new and good week approaches and let us all have a ready to rock one.  Big Love Wonka x