Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Testing Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner wakes up on good mood setting which really has lasted folks out there.  Was it a sun filled morning you ask?  it was overcast and drizzly.  did this dampen Owner's mood?  NOT ONE IOTA (we like that word we have never used it up to now).  Owner lay there all content and gave me a prolonged (nice one) tummy tickle before setting off downstairs.  I love it.

Fresh Para.  what is testing then you say.  We all know Owner's patience is shall we say not a big thing.  it can stretch for us felines, and for some humans too except if they are humans driving then it resets to zero.  all was jolly and joyful in Owner's world until she gets a phone call on the mobile held fast in her giant pink handbag.  For some reason the bag will often cling onto the mobile phone specially if it is an important and waited for phone call.  without her glasses on though Owner cannot tell who is ringing up to annoy her.  WHO WAS IT I goes.  it was the Dentist Practice (well sometimes they do) to tell me my appt for tmro was cancelled she goes.  This meant Owner's patience was TESTED.  And I have to live with this folks on a regular basis.  Now to calm us all down and remind Owner of  what a nice time she had on Satdee we have a little cartoon: Yes it is uptop - there is the car with no name on the journey to the new place!  Owner describes it as a reunion with herself.  it turns out good folks out there that it was a place she had been to before as a child, on her very first holiday with all the happy memories to go with it. There was Owner and her sibling plus Mum and Dad (now in heaven) and the rest just a blur of buckets and spades and fun.  Did you know it was that place before you went there I said.  NO she goes back, but I hoped it was.   She was starry eyed again and I love it.

Final testing testing para.  Well Enders tested Owner's patience so much last night she turned it over early.  We managed to watch Kat having a rest, foxy turning into a villain equal only to villain Phil, and Ian doing a good deed before it had to show us Staycee and Maxee.  This is when Owner's inch of patience gave out.  The good news to this folks is that Corrie made up for it bigtime.  Naughty toby jug has tempted thingy into a dangerous liaison and thingy was sort of happily in a straight relationship even though he is gay, yes.  Now he is back to gay setting we think.  Other news is that Sofee's Dad Kevin is coming back and everyone is on tenthooks about it.  specially Sally's chap who drinks out of cartons and understands Sofee.  It doesn't get better.  Tonight I'm not sure about letting Owner near the tv when Enders is on but we will watch the Holby city to see if their storylines have picked up.  Oh yes, rug popped for breakfast and is due for his tea and Mr Beau who is not Ozzie (thankyou Cat god) came and laid around for the best part of the day.  And ate all my tea.  I love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x