Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tough nut Thursdee

Wonka here.  Rise and shine did we go this morning a good ten minutes before any alarms go off peeping and snoozing.  Rugglesis did join us for breakfast but then he saw me and went into flight mode.  Owner has explained the fight or flight thing to me now and I said I am definitely a flight cat.  And so is Rugglesis!  Owner said she thinks she is for running away too.  What if we all ran away though I goes.  Then, said Owner, I would have to stay put.   What is it though I said, that makes this happen? ADRENALIN goes Owner.  It is responsible for a lot of goings on.  We love it.

Fresh tough nut para.  What is this tough nut thing you say, and what about the treadmill effect from yesterdee?  I had to put up with Owner being down in the dumps all night good folks out there and even more, rugglesis popped in for supper, settled on the linen basket nicely, long enough for Owner to do some nice cartoons and then did he spy me and go growlit and funny.  Owner says the downside to him being on the linen basket is that he is near enough, in the miniscule kitchen, to reach out with his paw and whack her as she goes past.  So we all did the running away thing.  I ran out of the doorway back into the good and safe dining room, Owner squashed past rugglesis and pried open the poor back door and Rugg ran out of it!!!  Can I have a playmate who likes me? I have prayed to St Francis for one.  In the meantime here is the medley of sketches from supper time and there is one of me!!    This is two of Ruggles when he was sitting on the basket. I have flown another one up top and there he is having a wash and brush up.  the one to the right hand side is me on top, with Owner's pink slippers in the background and a giraffe plus a mouse and then under that is a 'Picasso' one says Owner as it is two of rug in one.  I love them all especially the one of me.

Last tough para.  Back to the tough nut story.  Owner says she is not tough enough with the slightly bigger and very big people who are mistaking politeness and kindness for being a pushover.  What will you do about that I said to Owner from behind the door ever so politely.  I WILL POINT IT OUT to them she goes.  It can work I said still from behind the door, as long as you are FAIR and FIRM which she is most days folks and specially when it comes to Mr Beau using us like a hotel and all those funny customer service people who are not up to scratch no pun meant (I know what it is now).  Owner has stepped it up and spoken to a nice utilities person who dealt with her rather well as she came off the phone smiling and saying things like, what a nice person that was.  Now thanks to the treadmill effect we did not get round to Gangsta Squad which is even now frozen on our good tv waiting for Owner to press PLAY.  We did watch Corrie X 1 and to our dismay that nasty 2 X 3 builder who should by rights be dead on the rubble is alive and busy blackmailing and bullying Owen and chip on his shoulder Gazzer.  Temptress tina is slowly but surely getting on Owner's nerve (singular and last one) by continuing an affair with our recovered and good time boy on his nth marriage to Carla.  We think he is Peter but Owner's mind gone a blank.  tonight all there is on offer is Enders and we all know it is not good for Owner's peace of mind.  If Roxxie and foxy take over centre stage we must fall back on Plan A which is the frozen Dvd.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x