Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Upside down Wednesdee

Wonka here.  up at the crack of dawn as Owner has a busy bee schedule.  DOING? I enquired whilst having a good morning tummy tick.  APPTS with aged parent, whizzing off to my little people, maybe popping to a shop and then onto aged sibling says Owner in one breath.  I do have to say Owner can be very organised.  or, as she likes to say ON IT.  We love it.  Just me and Owner for breakfast, Ruggles sniffed a plate of best good as it looks and darted off on his rounds.  Mr Beau bleated to go out last night and hasn't called back as yet.  I love him.

Busy bee Para.  because Owner said, and after I tell you the day she has had you will know why, we are showing you a bit more Mavericks: and here is the cover of their best In Time CD plus an extra special photoshoot I have flown up top.... what is that you say?  it is a small selection of Owner's best CDs with a cow on the top.  But it is not just any old cow, it is MOO.  who, you say patiently, is MOO.  Well he stroke she came into being when Owner was once driving in the beloved skylark with best Grandson.  The car in front was called MOO and Owner suddenly realised that MOO could be an ancient God or the God, just about in charge of everything and all we ever have to do is follow MOO and ask MOO.  Grandson thought it a great idea and so do I.  so that is why good folks, he is on view and tomorrow Owner might consent to me showing you a small sketch of God MOO.  I did suggest in a quiet and respectful voice that she might like to have a FAVE CD SLOT of the week???  she is thinking on it.   Just at the back of Moo there is our photoshoot of a Rainbow.   If you look closely it is a double rainbow.  I love it.

Fresh and topsy-turvy para.  Now what has happened to Owner then you say.  She did go with aged parent to an appt as planned but then aged parent admitted to hospital and this was not planned.  How did you cope with that I said to Owner when she crept back in later on (plus shopping!  what an angel I have for an Owner!).  I coped, said Owner, BY BEING RUDE TO EVERYONE.  Did you leave anyone out I whispered from behind the door?  The ambulance men deserve a medal she goes back.  Right, I said.  Now other things to help Owner cope are chocolate, more chocolate and a small glass of vino.  that and Corrie X 1 plus, and here is the best news of the day.  Masterchef is back .  ~this made Owner smile and look normal.  thankfully we can stand easy as Enders is not on and last night was to quote Owner bordering on the ridiculous as the coffin with nasty nick in it (or not) fell off the stand and an arm dangled out.   Owner thought that nasty nick himself would then worm himself up off the ground and be nasty in person but she may have missed that bit.  You will want an update on the menagerie all feeding and wotnot and using this house like a hotel.  Mr Beau not been sighted as yet, Rug not been for his tea as yet.  But all the food gone in the luxury shed so Bertie is sticking rigidly to his routine.  We love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and I am here of course to make sure Owner stays on it.  Big Love Wonka x