Saturday, 8 March 2014

Women's Day Satdee

  Wonka here - and to start us off with international women's day which began in 1911 folks!!  here is mine and Owner's woman hero it is of course the founder of the PDSA and is MARIA DICKIN.  there are medals awarded in her name which we have mentioned before. (to Simon the cat of HMS Amethyst).  There are so many women heroes and who have changed things for the better and we love them all.  So a bright start to the day and first thing to report is that Rugglesis popped for breakfast and sneezed on Owner's foot.  Owner is now afeard (like that word) of the dread cat flu.  He better hadn't I said.  I KNOW goes Owner.

Fresh and free para.  furthermore (get me) Owner is to visit aged parent surviving (mother) and talk to her about the family.  WHY I said.  because it will be on the telly goes Owner.  It will be to do with an inheritance.  BLIMEY I said.   It is miniscule goes Owner, but the point is we are to be on the telly talking about the ancestors.  I do remember a man with a camera coming through the good front door and later on moving me out of the picture.  Shame.  I could have been famous!  Owner had her hair done specially but says and I quote she cannot bear to watch or see herself.  I AM BOUND to look and sound silly she goes.  YES I said back, but the two or three viewers won't know any different!  I have to say I whispered this from behind the door.

Fresh women's day para.  when Owner crept back in with lots of shopping and thankfully plenty for me I did ask how the visit went.  Well says Owner, Mother reports that for years on end she has had this little rainbow light coming across her face from left to right for about 20 minutes.  It is the first time Owner has ever heard about it and she kept saying to her aged parent things like (and I quote) how come you have never mentioned this before Mum? and, does it hurt? (no) and why have you never said before?  we are in the dark as to what it is and why but Owner says maybe her mother is just having a pleasant aura experience.  RAINBOWS!  Now did you talk of the ancestors I prompted (OOER).  YES and we will watch it together.  Owner now thinks it will be equal to any of the best horror shows she has seen or payback time at least for when she has said   (list) 1.  why is she wearing that it does not suit her 2.  she is too old for that 3.  she is getting on my nerves.  have you noticed good folks out there that this para is all about women??  and who knows there is still time for Owner or her good and aged parent to change the world.  Owner did discuss the problem of there being a shortage, yes, of influential international women.  They came up with Angela thingy, the German one, Theresa thingy our british MP one, and there is Yvette or Yvonne thingy batting for Labour (Theresa belongs to the tory lot all overseen by the school boy in long trews) and over the pond we have Hilary wotnot.  Owner is even now wanting to apologise to all those other important women not named but doing a cracking job.  They are not politicians but on the ground speaking up for very important things eg education which as we know is dear to Owner's heart.  We love them.

Final and still international para.   The best thing about all this women's day is that it has reminded Owner that we still need to stand firm!  What about me you are asking?  Well luckily in between thinking deeply and not so deeply Owner has seen to the luxury shed and my saucers of biscuits food and anything else I need when I wake up to need it.  Tonight you will want to know what is taking up all our attention.  It is Idol, and we are loving the judges whatever they are called they are famous to themselves and lots of good folks and busy putting people through and such like.  We do not have time to turn round for the Voice and our Kylie who is woman enough for all of us on an otherwise all male panel says Owner thoughtfully.  Beyond this we have good casualtee with some women Doctors and our faithful Charlie and a good storyline of a bullyboy doctor.   We love it.  Now do go steady our there in the Wold, especially you interntional women.  Big Love Wonka x