Wednesday, 9 April 2014

All go Wednesdee

Wonka here.  I could have slept a lot longer said Owner two seconds before the good alarm alarmed alarm oh.  We had to stay there for another 5 minutes so Owner could recollect (like this word) her dreams.  WHAT were they I said?  I CAN'T REMEMBER she goes.  Every time she thought she had one of them it escaped like a little bubble floating away.  And after that Owner flew about here and there feeding me and Rug and doing THINGS.  I tell you folks out there it fairly wore me out!! 

Fresh and on the go para.  Now last night guess what? no it isn't that so I will tell you, me and Owner were nicely settled and all had been in for tea and supper and seconds.  Rug had polished off his offerings on the red bottom plate and Mr Beau had eaten everyone's tea off everyone's plate and yodelled to go out.  So there we are nicely, me under the bed checking all for those Viking invaders and then does Owner say IS THAT THE PHONE WONKA?  We both strained our ears and I said if it is urgent they will ring you on either of your two mobiles Owner and the next thing did one of them ring!  Blow me down it was the good nursing home where aged parent does reside when not in hospital to say she is back there.  Owner was speechless at least for ten seconds and this is because good folks out there with possible aged parents and knowing all about it, because the hospital did not bother to tell Owner that aged parent had been DISCHARGED.  Goodness me I was in the right place under the bed and folks I STAYED under it!!  Half an hour later once Owner had rung all she could think of to 'have a word' quote unquote (get me) we started the resettling all over again. I love it.

Now where is the photoshoot you are saying?  Owner said I could have one of me seeing as Sammy dog took over yesterdee.  There is one of me with my new biscuits, one of me sitting on the washing or one of me looking out back at two canoodling pigeons on the fence...... the last one it is then.   I am giving those pigeons a good stare from the safety of the sideboard and the window that looks out back.  These two cheeky pigeons have been trotting along the top of the fence for a couple of days now and guess what?  YES.  I love them.

New and on the go para.   So today had to run a bit differently for Owner who flung off out to SEE TO THINGS.  Thankfully I got a good few hours sleep in before she flung back in talking about a rude man in the supermarket car park.  ~We all know that when Owner talks of someone's manners or lack of them there is trouble afoot.  Luckily she got away with challenging him about banging his car door against her side door without further incident or getting knocked to the ground.   Was it wise, I said from well behind the door, to say anything to a six foot hefty looking chappie?  But she didn't hear me above unpacking the latest hair product.  I can only hope the promise on the good packaging lives up.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I am looking forward to some more tea and maybe a biscuit or two and peeking at Ruggles when he nips in and after that there is good Corrie, good Masterchef and a new thing on 2.  According to Owner we must watch it.  WHY? I dared to ask.  Because said Owner it is from Ian Hislop who is funny and about the supposed good old days.  OH I says.  Try as I might I cannot remember where we got up to in good corrie so it will a nice surprise to find out.  Surely Tina will come adrift and if not her then would be strike a light Owen and failing all of that we have lying through her teef (oh no I said Owner has not found the new and perfect Dentist yet) Madeh.  Now do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x