Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dreamy Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Another of those nights declares Owner and I said why on earth didn't you get up and make a nice cup of tea?  I THOUGHT I WOULD GO OFF she said.  Go off where I wondered?  TO SLEEP she mumbled.  As it was good folks and you will know all about this, she drifts off into the best sleep of the night 2 seconds before the good alarm starts its peeping and bleeping.  all in a muddle and I nearly forgot to pounce on Owner's foot but I did manage a tiny scrape with my claw on her face.  It was drizzle and mizzle outside and the forecast has warned of AIR pollution.  We are on an alert.  We love it. Sort of.

Freshish para.  Today is another busy one and why you ask?  It is full of visiting and working.  Does Owner have any pleasure time booked you say next?  Well there is me to be thankful for of course as I give owner hours of pleasure and aside from this there is Masterchef and good Corrie and oh Owner has fallen in love with thingy from Enders who turns out to be called Danny in real life and Micky when he is being a tough nut behind the bar Queen vic style.  If there is anyone else in Owner's life I would have to vet them thoroughly (no pun meant as still not sure what they are.)  There are two weekend breaks that I know of and I need a lot of spoiling in the lead up.  More importantly, I am still on my own and need a smaller, easy to boss about yet lovable playmate,  Which raises the question again good folks of the KITTEN.  Mr Beau is a hobo, Ruggles is a free spirit and Tinkers and Bertie ships that pass in the day and night.  Perhaps Owner will find her kitten and then me one, who knows.  In the meantime there is a photoshoot.  Owner liked the wotsit plant one so much here I am again with it!!  I love it.

Even fresher and final para.   ~When Owner fell back in I immediately said how much I had missed her all day long even though I slept for most of it and I was starving.   I AM WORN OUT she goes.  I forgot which road I was meant to be on and had to do a detour.  DID IT WORK I goes back.  YUS she went on.  it so happens good folks that Owner was visiting Aged parent who talked solid for the entire visit.  I did say to Owner that could have helped her stay awake but she said the coffee she purchased at a (quote) ridiculous amount of money in the hospital foyer, was so strong they should use it to bring the patients back round from operations.  OH I said.  Now when Owner is on tired stroke dreamy setting all takes longer.  I had to listen to a long account of (wait for it) a dream had by aged parent.  This was what she related to Owner.  It was all about houses and rooms and lofts, and black trees and lots of people.  After I had listened to this (so that's two of us listened now) I dared to mention my teatime again.  I AM DOING IT goes Owner.  And this is how dreamy she has gone, the phone rang and it was a silly old cold call about pensions and Owner was so patient and nice I thought has she taken one of aged parent's tablets but no it is just tiredness good folks out there and even when she was saying NO THANKYOU I AM AU FAIT WITH MY PENSION and the caller hung up on her, she did not go funny!!! Amazing but true and Owner did say that if the call was recorded for training purposes he may get the sack.  or not if they are stumped for cold callers.  I love it.

Real dreamy unpolluted final para.   We are ready for tonight's offerings already mentioned and cannot wait for Enders on Thursdee now that we have a crush in it.  And Owner has still got Escape Plan and another dvd as a back up plan.  What is it you say.  I hardly dare tell you but it is vin diesel in good riddance or something like that.  The build up says: action movie of the year and I will eat up all my tea if it is.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x