Monday, 28 April 2014

Full House Mundee

Wonka here.  At last a turn in the weather good folks out there possibly basking in the sunshine and heat and such like.  We, on the other hand, are still in coats and scarves and gloves.  perhaps it is just Owner in gloves.  Me? thanks for asking, well of course my fur coat is a coat for all seasons to misquote that famous film about Thomas More - owner says he is the one who would not 'pin his soul to another man's back' and kept the faith.  Of course it resulted in him losing his head like these things do in the Tudor court of henry viii and Owner cannot for the life of her recall the actor's name.  IT WILL DRIVE ME SILLY she goes.  Moving on swiftly, and back to the weather report, we have now seen some sunshine and felt a tad warmer.  This means Owner moves the dial thing on the wall back a notch til the heating goes off and then we are freezing.  To other good folks this would probably be a normal room temperature.  We love it.

Fresh and full para.  never mind that actor you say what is this Full House thing?  last night it turned into the full monty here.  Owner had grasped the nettle or whatever that daft expression is I much prefer took the bull by the horns, and brought Bertie inside.  Twice.  On the second go he realised instead of fighting against being in such luxurious surroundings he might calm down and enjoy it.  Yes he did growl at me pretty much non stop but I remained cool and calm under pressure, looking benign and friendly.  Even Owner remarked on it.  WELL DONE WONKA she said to me.  Now as you know we have a cavern come Narnia like cupboard under the stairs that has more or less a second household in it.  Luckily Bertie found just the right size space to squash into and hide.  We could just about hear his growl with the door open a tiny bit.  When he was snug and secure even popping out for a quick nibble on my best teatime does Mr Beau turn back up.  We are still coming to terms with his pat and mick episode the other night and there is a photoshoot to support this:  There is Owner and me at the bottom of the good stairs and to the left there is the big can of Vanish which says it can practically rebuild your entire home with a couple of squirts and to the right is that terror of the night Mr Beau Beau.  We sort of love him.  And finally does Ruggles appear on the step.  You'd  think we were a cat sanctuary said Owner, and I goes well we are aren't we? but she didn't hear me above opening cans and dishing out plates of food to all.

Fresh and final para.  Needless to say the whole night was fretful for Owner and jolly snug and peaceful for all of us.  Left to our own devices we tend to shake down and BE ALRIGHT!  so when we finally got up in the morning, it was all hands on deck for Owner as there were the four of us for the first sitting.  We love it!  Later on when it was just me and Owner I did ask for seconds but she didn't hear me above washing up hundreds of cat dishes.  So I just had to snuggle down on my giant nest stroke settee and wait for the next snack drop.  Yes Owner has been out to the job that isn't quite making it, been to the supermarket that says it is saving us lots of money when it isn't and fallen back in through the good front door.  I FEEL WORN OUT she goes, but she is smiling when she says it as the Sheffield weekend is glimmering away.  And she has chosen an outfit.  But says she doesn't like her hair. ?.  Now tonight it is of course Corrie x 2 and Enders X 1.  There are love triangles and mix ups and Lianne must tell nice Nick the truth, Madeh must get on a fast train out of there and surely Maria and Fiz are headed for a show down.  In Enders it is a full on grief stricken affair except in the Queen Vic where they are busy growing the biggest extended family including puppies that we've ever seen.  Owner is not happy about Masood who she says is being strung along by Saint Jane.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x