Friday, 11 April 2014

Funny Fridee

Wonka here.  It is official, Owner has had a fun filled day and so have I.  it's a knock me down effect, whereby I reap the benefits of Owner's GOOD MOOD SETTING.  What is all this good mood you question (quite rightly) as like me you are not used to hearing of good mood and Owner in the same sentence.  Every so often it happens, Owner wakes up and decides to have a fun filled day with no worry or anxiety in it.  any horrid things are consigned (love that word) to another day.  Yes.  so we woke up nicely, got up nicely (the dreams you say?  all about swimming pools.  Hmm)  and had breakfast nicely.  yes Rug too.  And I was good from behind the closed door.  I love him.  mostly.

Fresh fun para.  The other reason to be fun filled is because it is Fridee and grandson is still here which means Owner watches more films.  Which one you say?  We can now give Escape Plan with beloved Arnie and Sylvester a whacking ten out of ten.  It was action packed, and Arnie did lend it a certain quote owner 'je ne sais quoi'  unquote and I do apologise now to any of you good folks out there if Owner's French is up the creek.  Whilst Owner and grandson were glued to the escaping and I have to say violent interludes (another good use of word) I managed a long nap in my amazon box.  I have had extra cuddles and generally basked in the warmth of the day.   Oh look here I am with the new Wonka's Easter Story!! We are very proud of this story and Owner thinks I did a good job of presenting it.  It is easy to find at hashtag #wonka.   We Love it!!

Final funny para.  Owner and Grandson managed to fit in a trip to Pizza Hut alongside the Escape Plan and cannot believe how much he is eating.  I know he is a growing lad she says.  But?  I said back.  HE IS NEVER OUT OF THE FRIDGE she went back.  Me?  thanks for asking, I did mention I was pretty hungry and after the fourth offering, managed to eat a tiny bit off the plate.  last night we fitted in Masterchef alright and rooted for Carl who cooked up a strange plate of sausages and beans that would not have been out of place in a trucker caff said Owner.  No he did not get through which is a shame.  Tonight in between fridge hopping they will watch corrie x 2 and wonder at the Owen and Gazzer debacle (Owner says a word and I hope to goodness she is right) and prob Tina will be up to her revenge quest and where oh where is Emily?  still watching Breaking Bad?  over at Enders all we can hope for is less of the scarf brigade which is growing now and more of Mickey in the Queen Vic who keeps scowling and giving all dark looks.  We think he is doing a long try out for a Shakespeare part.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks as the weekend is now on us.  Big Love Wonka x