Wednesday, 23 April 2014

In a daze Wednesdee

Wonka here.  We hardly know what day it is between it being a celebration of The Bard, that is Shakespeare to me and you good folks, then we turn round and it is St George's Day who turns out to be the patron Saint of England as well as somewhere in Russia and finally it is world Book Night.  pause to get our breath back.  Owner has managed to recommend (list) 1.  a book for people to read that she is fairly certain they have never heard of and will keep them reading for 6 months or so.  IS IT A BIG BOOK I said?  IT'S MASSIVE she went back.  What is it then I ventured (Shakespeare would be so proud of me with using that word)  it is Green Dolphin Country by Elizabeth Goudge she said and she is right I have never heard of it in my life.  Is it about dolphins I said.  It is about Two sisters and what happens to them she goes.  I rest my paws as usual.  2. For Shakespeare Owner recommends going to see The Tempest as it was her Dad's fave and is full of magic and such like.  And yes, there is a storm in it.  If you want a comedy says Owner don't go and see that one. 3.  She can't recommend anything for St George's Day other than a quiet night in watching the telly.  ~This is as English as it gets she said.  I love it.

Fresh in a daze para.  If we whittle it all down to our day and never mind everyone else said Owner, I have had A BUSY DAY and I went a bit funny in the supermarket (the one which has just lost a load of profit no not that one the one before that).  Were you rude I whispered calmly from behind the kitchen door?   A BIT she said back.  it turns out that when Owner could not find the tissues that aged parent must have and tried asking an assistant, she was not helped.  At all.  did the next one help you I said from the bottom of the stairs.  FINALLY goes Owner.  I have adjusted Owner's setting from busy to snappy to account for this good folks.  Now I know you are all on the edge of your seats  wanting to see Owner's cuddly soft donkey toy from the Tamar Donkey Sanctuary.  here he is, Percy! He lives on the dashboard next to little teddy and we love him.

Final dazed para.   When Owner stumbled back in with some new tins of gourmet for me and a few other bits for her, guess what! No it isn't that!  It was Ruggles waiting on the step, so Owner feeds me feeds him gives me a cuddle gives Rug a cuddle lets him out onto the step, next minute is Mr Beau on the window sill, lets him in feeds him TWO trays of his fave, lets him out and to round it off then there is Bertie at the gate.  No we have not sighted Tinkers but give it time.  Now last night we got through Enders and Owner did not get annoyed once.  I did wonder if she was watching Enders at all as she did not judge or criticise once EXCEPT when yet another new member of Mick's family appeared behind the bar and seemed to know Shirley.  Shirley called this new member Aunty, and even smiled at her.  This suggests, says Owner, that Shirley can be friendly and polite.  The main story was of course Lucee's one way ticket and mourning family.  They all reached heights of emotion in keeping with losing a loved one (Lucee) and as I say Owner sat through it nicely.  We did not watch Jamaica Inn but wish we had as there were lots of complaints about mumbling in it.  Owner says that will be Mary Yellan not opening and shutting her mouth, and possibly the Cornish way of talking stroke mumbling.  Tonight we hope to be glued to Corrie and the fate of Carla, Teena and Maria.  The gym is now featuring and thingy's Dad who is partners with Dev seems to know a lot for a new character.  There is masterchef to bring us back to earth and if we want to strain our ears there is another portion of Jamaica Inn.  We love it.  now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x