Sunday, 13 April 2014

Marathon Sundee

Wonka here.  yes it is that day when a lot of good folk go for a long run in London, most of them for charity.  would Owner be able to do it you ask.  In a word actually a few words...NOT ON YOUR NELLY.  ~she says she once tried jogging when she was quote 'seeing someone' who was entering the London Marathon and she liked him at the time unquote.  Did it last I ventured (what a nice new phrase from me) for about FIVE MINUTES.  Mind you I blame that on Owner although I did not say it out loud!  What with the shouting at passing motorists, being rude to people swimming too near OR just for being there, well I mean to say. it would take an out and out hero to put up with it all.  which brings me back round to me!!  I do love Owner and I wouldn't swap or make her run a marathon.  I COULD SWIM one she said.  I love it.

Freshly run para.  Now today is Sundee so that can only mean a few things and (list) 1.  Owner goes on some family visits 2.  Owner recovers from said visits. 3.  I have some quiet time whilst that is happening and 4.  It is OWNER'S BOOK SLOT OF THE WEEK SLOT*******************

What is it you say in antici wotsit.?  Here we are then and it is a bit misty but you can see it is The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe by C S Lewis.  This is Owner's copy too.  Owner said there is no more appropriate book for Easter than this.  Why so I said.  Because said Owner it is about being saved, and Narnia was saved by Aslan  - and Aslan good folks is the mighty Lion you can see on the cover playing with Susan and Lucy.   the others are Peter and Edmund.   Most of all though said Owner it is a magical book.  And here we are, there is a dedication from C S Lewis to his god daughter Lucy Barfield and in it he mentions she may now be too old for fairy tales but that 'some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.....'
YES INDEED!  We love it, and we love all the magic and adventure of his stories.  Thanks Owner!

Fresh and final para.  Owner is now swimming for Engerland says, and at this rate will be SUPER OWNER!! then she spoils it by going on visiting and shopping trips which grind her down and when she fell back in with the usual shopping that weighs more than those strong man weights I made the mistake good folks of asking how the visiting went.  Aged parent is on the cusp of being more aged and is having a birthday tmro.  Why then I made the mistake of asking, did you visit a day in advance of this event? Because Owner droned on,  aged sibling could not go tmro he has bingo.  finally I asked the million dollar question, yes.  How did the visit go?.  Good folks to cut a long story short, aged parent said Owner was looking TRIM.  did she mean nice trim I went.  NO she meant scrawny trim says Owner.   It'll be all that swimming and the vegan diet I said from upstairs and under the bed.  But she couldn't possibly hear me above unpacking the tons of food for me, ruggles, Beau Beau, Tinkers and Bertie.  Now tonight you will be worrying about what is on.  No more than us good folks!!  there is nothing on!!!  Well we have to wait until 9pm for the new nursey series set in the first world war when MATRON RULED OK.  They ought to bring that style of nursing back said Owner.  Also on at 9pm is Forrest Gump and we do love that film because it is good Tom Hanks and we love him in anything.  We are on the edge of Easter week, with all that brings with it.  Owner as you know is set on having a break and maybe you are too.  do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and whether you are having an Easter time or not.  big Love Wonka x