Monday, 14 April 2014

Moaning Mundee

Wonka here.  First off folks out there here is a tip from me straight to you.  Owner is on the warpath.  Who with you say straight away possibly hiding under the duvet, with people who (list) 1.  Moan 2.  cancel things and make it sound reasonable (giving Owner a very good if not excellent excuse to moan - I DID NOT SAY A WORD she says to me.  and 3.  question Owner's simple and clear request to speak to a Manager.  Asking Owner 'Why' is not just foolhardy, it is the forerunner to turning this question back on yourself.  ie why did I say that.  all this to one side, it is a good and sunny day BUT, and here comes in Owner again, there is a cold and biting yes biting wind.  IT IS ONLY WARM in the sun she advised.  Me?  I hardly ever moan, even when Ruggles shuns my every attempt to be friendly.  alright perhaps running towards him with a fluffed up tail doesn't register as friendly but you know my intentions......I don't moan when Owner takes a good ten minutes doing things before feeding me in the morning.  In sum I DO NOT MOAN.  it wasn't me.

Fresh and complaining para.  Yes owner does not go for long without a full blown WRITTEN complaint.  We all know that just saying things does not count.  Who is for the high jump you want to know?  When Owner burst back in full of energy and luckily with some more food for me, she had not even unpacked it all before she was on the phone.  Fresh from seeing Aged parent, she was subjected to a lot of aged moaning.  Did you lose your temper Owner I said from the bottom of the stairs?  NEARLY she went back, and then spent it on a phone call to someone instead.  That's the way to do it I whispered from half way up the stairs.  I thought I heard Owner say WHO DO I MAKE A COMPLAINT TO but it's hard to hear once you're right inside the built in wardrobe.  Now of course all is peaceful and calm, now that Mr Beau has been in and yodelled for 5 minutes to go out, and there is good Ruggles on the step so a bit of a traffic jam.  Owner is laughing and smiling and I blame it on the fact that she is to have an Easter Break.  Yes.  Now for our photoshoot owner said the one of me helping with the washing.  So:  it is very tiny, and it is called Wonka on the washing and I have flown it up top.  Like Owner says, the minute she throws the old sheets on the floor do I get inside them!  I love it.

final free from moaning para.  After Owner had rung up the home where aged parent is and left a good message to cheer her up the moaning ended.  have you finished swearing at all I said, which wasn't a moan it was more of an observation (nice one!) I HAVE she says back.  Now good things to note today are that Owner has been to the hairdressers and come back with highlights.  it is all sticking up and glamorous.  There will be a photoshoot and good cartoon tmro.  I have just realised this is why Owner laughing and smiling, all down to the hairdo good folks.  Owner says it should be free to all (hairdressing) instead of tablets.  RIGHT I said.  Now tonight we are glued to Corrie X 2 and Enders.  Madeh has got on Owner's last nerve and is joined with Staycee as a character that needs to gocee.  We are also struggling with Anna now we can recall her name who is partners with short fuse Owen and her son on an even shorter fuse Gazzer.  and now we have a new storyline in the shape of evil ex partners returning to mix things up!  and simmering away nicely is eyebrows of the week Tina and fallen off the wagon Peter.  Over at Enders we forgot that layla or lolly or someone got run over by Foxy (or Roxy) but they are always killing folk off so no wonder we forgot it.  She is still alive and Grandad Billy is looking after her mite.  or Aunty Shazzer.  Mick is still looking through a pint glass darkly (Owner said that is funny but I can't see why) and his family continues to grow by the episode.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the moaning minny Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love wonka x