Thursday, 24 April 2014

Our Day Thursdee

Wonka here.  Everyone in the wold has had a day recently, this day that day , his day, the centenary of who macallit. (?) So we decided, well I decided it would be OUR DAY.  And we can celebrate it how we like.  first off, we did get up.  This was a slow business as Owner wanted to drop back to sleep.  it is my job as you know to put a stop to this in several ways.  A DAB OF THE CLAW.  This does work, but means I have to run away very quickly.  I DRAW BACK MY PAW to suggest I am going to dab it.  This works much better as long as Owner's eyes are open.  I jump on Owner's back or legs or just some part of her.  Also a good awakener.  As it happened Owner stayed awake and said those magic words shall we get up Wonka.  of course by this time I had nearly nodded back off myself!!  I love it.

Fresh and all about us para. Owner is still entranced with her breakaway and specifically the Tamar Donkey Sanctuary.  She may adopt Percy O Reilly.  and to this end we have another cartoon all about him and his friends. I mean what is not to love.  There he is at the fence saying hallo.  He has three brothers called Paddy, Seamus and Declan and they were all looked after by a lady from north Devon who rescued them from inner city Dublin!  He is a donkey supremo and we love him to shreds said Owner.

Fresh still our day and donkey free para.   When Owner turned back up I said to her IS ALL OK? Why did I say that good folks?  Because I can read body language that is why and I could tell something was up.  And guess what, no it is not that, a little person forgot their manners and that is all it takes to move Owner's setting to TETCHY.  Why not I goes, soak your tootsies and thereby remove all the negative vibes in one shot.  Get you, you all say from out there in the Wold, with your knowledge and such like.  If, if, I ever wanted or needed to rid myself of bad cat vibrations (and there have been times) I give my paws a thorough wash round and this does the trick.  Well I'll go to the foot of the best stairs or half way up them but did Owner follow my sage advice!  and watched Derek on catch up at the same time.  She loved it, I loved it.  Then we watched the snooker and we love John Virgo he is the tops at telling us what is happening, and good Steve Davis who is a close second was telling us too.  Big and extra love.

Final fancy free para.  So Owner has slowly yes slowly moved from Tetchy to Bearable...only joking Owner!  I says did anything nice happen to cancel out the not so nice thing and it turns out she went down by the sea and even though the sea fret (big heavy mist folks) had rolled in like a Stephen King film it was still a nice thing.  Now on the homefront all have been excepting Mr Beau.  this is because Owner has purchased (we cannot afford it no) some worm drops.  And guess what yes it is that, I had to be wormed IN CASE.  And it is Mr Beau who we suspect due to his skeletal (Owner said) frame has got them.  I ask you.  What is the betting we don't see him for a month of Sundees.  Now tonight we must watch Enders and more weeping and wringing of hands and yes, some of those hands have seen off Lucee.  We wonder if anymore relatives will spring up for the new Queen Vic family who are extending like nothing.  and also notes Owner, aside from they are all from Lunnon, they are a good mix of gender, sex, religion (?? who Shirley?) and such like.  Notice we did not use the word culture.  But to save us after there is good masterchef.   And this is the final cheering up thing, tmro is Fridee.  Yes.  Now do go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love wonka x