Monday, 21 April 2014

Reunion Mundee

Wonka here.  Yes you have guessed it good folks out there!  Owner is back and we have caught up nicely ,well I have whilst she unpacked, cleaned up, gave me and ruggles some more food even though we had just been fed by our auntie, washed up, cuddled us, did some more cleaning and 2 hours later has sat down for the TV fest on offer.  I love it.  yes I have managed, and yes I have not starved but I DID MISS YOU OWNER.  And I missed you she went back.

Fresh and clean para.  Now we are reunited you want to know how did the good near on 400 mile journey go?  And that is just to get there!!  It went fine until I missed a junction said Owner and the less said about the jam packed crawling traffic on the good M5 the better.  Was it better coming back I ventured (!!) went like a dream she says.  I mean considering she has done a near on round trip of 800 miles in a long weekend, I didn't want to say too much about being starving and could I try another pouch as I don't like that one, but she couldn't hear me above putting some rubbish out.  Now there are lots of photoshoots and there will be cartoons to follow and to keep you all going I have picked my fave, it is of PERCY O REILLY, who the heck is that you all ask, and I'm going to show you him first up.  I have flown him up tope, YES he is a rescue donkey all the way from Ireland and he lives at the Tamar donkey Sanctuary near to Tavistock good folks.  Owner said he came up to her and stayed there all the time and she may have to adopt him.  Of course it didn't stop there as we also have a new fridge magnet and soft cuddly toy of Percy too.  I can show you the magnet but the cuddly Percy is living in the car with no name and Owner reports IS A LUCKY DONKEY hence the trouble free journey back.  yes. Here is the good magnet.  I love Percy too.  Owner says the other photo is a selfie of her and Percy and I said could you have got more of yourself and Percy in it then but she still couldn't near me above stocking up the luxury shed for Bertie et al. (Owner says that is a good word for all the others out there. and I love it).

Final reunion para.  The other thing I am reunited with is YOU good folks out there enjoying your break like we are.  We have watched a few bits and bobs corrie being one bit and we are on with it tonight as the storylines are building up to a crescendo says Owner.  When will Mum to be Carla notice that lying through his teef peter (who is in Rehab and went quietly says Owner) is dallying with eyebrows of the week Teena?  We are even warming to Tracy Barlow now she is with thingymebob.  She has met her match says Owner knowingly.  Otherwise Maria has gone funny and is sending funny texts to Tyrone.  There is no mention of Madeh and Sofee and we are pleased. Oh and Rita sent Dennis packing. So far.   On with Enders there is a lot of talk about a murder but we missed it.  Woe.  Has Lucee left the show on a one way ticket said Owner, who wishes it was several other people instead. Tomorrow we will tell more about good Tavistock and even Looe as Owner is now steeped in local history, says.  Now we are looking out for Ruggles, and we have seen Bertie cheaping up near the gate.  There is no sign as yet of Mr Beau who has blotted his copybook according to Owner and it is to do with his general domestics.   He is a hobo and that is how they go on, wherever they lay is their home!  Last but not least Owner came back with two giant choc eggs plus a new gnome.  His name is Matu we think, because he whistles.  and he does a wolf whistle if you go by him.  He is waiting to go out back and I love him.  Now do go steady out there in wold wherever you are in it good folks and somehow we will face the good week ahead.  Big Love Wonka x