Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sanctuary Sundee

Wonka here.  The nice assistant in the supermarket that wants to help us goes to Owner who is dressed as if for a cold winter's day.  IS IT COLD OUT? It was hard to hear Owner speaking through her scarf but she said straightaway IT IS FREEZING.  We are back on with the grey mizzle mizzle grey drizzle drizzle day good folks out there possibly basking in sunshine. There is an upside to this I said to Owner from a rather warm and snuggly spot right up the radiator which thankfully is blasting out heat and wracking up our financial debt.  WHAT THE DICKENS IS IT said Owner from the depths of her long winter jumper and coat.  you get to wear your new coat I said.  Did I tell you about it?  When Owner finally crept back in after her mammoth drive to Cornwall she casually slung this new khaki coat over the chair thinking good folks I would not notice.  I did notice it, it is by someone called Weird Fish and naturally with a name like that you can only expect a massive price tag to go with it.  Was I right or was I right.  Owner tried to hide the receipt for that plus the receipt for these deceptively (NICE) classy looking flip flops but I jumped on the table to see them.  It's official, we are truly heading for financial ruin round about June I'd say.  She loves it.

Fresh and cheap para.  What is this sanctuary you whisper as this has made all of you check your accounts.  My advice is the same as I say to owner every time she goes out, don't buy anything Owner, except food for us..  Anyhow, yes we have turned into a cat sanctuary with ALL WELCOME above the good back door or perhaps before that there is an invisible sign that reads in good cat language, Turn Left for a positive and caring experience.  last night Mr Beau was ill at the hour when you are in your deepest sleep and it is pitch black outside.  OH NO goes Owner springing into action.  OH NO I said staying where I was.  it all took about an hour to get right and a good can of vanish.  Bertie was outside looking in and you cannot blame him for thinking it was breakfast time can you?  I did say to Owner that she had oversprayed the carpet and had she missed a bit but she didn't hear me above boiling a kettle for a soothing cup of ginger and lemon.  I love it.

*****************OWNER'S BOOK SLOT OF THE WEEK************************

Yes in keeping with yesterdee's good day of World Vet Day, Owner is reminding all of you out there about James Herriot's books.  He was a vet in the Yorkshire dales, and his books were made into a TV series, All creatures Great and Small.  They are very funny and very sad too says Owner.  Are there any stories of cats I said.  YES, she goes back.  it begins when he starts out as a vet and goes to join Siegfried and Tristan Farnon at their Vet Practice.  We love it.

Final back on with the snooker para.  After the little interlude in the night, I mean I got back to sleep really quickly, but Owner had to read her new book which she says (quote) she is struggling with.  Why not pick another I said helpfully. I WANT TO GIVE IT A CHANCE she goes back.  I rest my paws and everything folks.  Luckily after popping out in the new coat and simply buying food for all of us and a tiny bit for her plus chocolate, there is the snooker.  And this is acting as a diversion whilst Bertie who against all my good advice has been let in and sped upstairs.  Never mind the fact he or she (jury out) growled at me the entire time, oh no.  This act of kindness has been blamed on the weather as Owner says it is TOO COLD.  Well it's nice and warm in here.  As Bertie is now finding out.  Deep sigh.  I might love it.

Real final para.  Last night we did watch a tiny bit of Britain has supposedly got talent but it seemed more to do with Britain's got Simon Ghoul and then this young lad comes on and plays a bit on the guitar and sings a tad and all go wild. ?.  Owner quickly turned over to catch beloved Dale and his inittowinit.  We do love Dale.  He is growing a small beard and me and Owner like it.  on him.  Now tonight we have more snooker of course which is calming Owner down a treat either that or she is just plain worn out!  and then it is The crimson Field where we are transported back to the first World War and how the nurses all got on with it.  A lot smarter than they do now goes Owner knowingly.  OH I said.  Yesterdee Owner fitted in a visit to aged parent who is in an advanced state of apathy but bursts out now and then.  She has been advised not to watch a programme about how to look after our parents (Owner thinks she has failed a bit there but I am having none of it.  I love her) as all it shows is old people losing out.  She has been advised to watch the Crimson Field because of the high standard of nursing and finally to watch the snooker as it may rouse her out of her field of apathy.  I made that last bit up as you might know good folks as I don't think Owner was half as poetic as that.  I DO TRY said Owner.  yes you are very trying I said from behind the door in a low voice.  Now do go steady out there in the  Wold wherever you are in it good folks and let us all meet the good week ahead in good measure.  Big Love Wonka x