Thursday, 3 April 2014

Timely Thursdee

Wonka here.  Did Owner dream or did she dream.  I had this dream she goes....(no, not I had a dream that is a famous speech opener by a certain Martin Luther King.  we love him.  and the speech) I knew it would not be too exciting good folks so I must have dropped off whilst she was telling it.  Then, she startled me by waking up ages before the good alarm and wait for it, IN A GOOD MOOD.  So what was this dream I goes whilst pouncing on her foot?  I was at school she says, and telling someone off (I know I know) but all were kind and helpful to me.  it went on longer than that as Owner wrestled with the details oh and then she remembers a man opens a door with a key.  IS THAT IT I said? YES.  I tell you some days good folks I have to count to ten.  It is still grey and misty and damp out there and according to aged siblings thermometer reading barely 50 degrees Farenwotsit.  Owner is still in woollies and the heating is still on tropical setting.  I love it.

Timely para.  What is timely you say?  All has ticked over nicely, that is what is timely.  Owner got up in a timely fashion, I ate a morsel of breakfast in a timely fashion and did not rush overmuch to say I want a different one even though I had loads left of the first one.  Good Ruggles appeared in the yard for his portions (2 servings) and it all just took us into the day on a level and steady note.   Owner did not once say goodness is that the time I must dash off to the little people and the shopping and the visiting.  No one has been foolish enough to ring up and try and (list) 1.  Tell us we are owed millions of money by a bank or 2.  We can have a new boiler (as you know our old boiler is still doing a fab job and has been looked at 3.  Owner's pension should be reviewed by a hitherto unknown expert in pensions and 4.  It is a charity desperate for Owner's hard earned cash.  As you all know Owner is busy enough seeing to Me first then Rug then Mr Beau and then all the others.  And here is today's good cartoon on this subject:

It is the poor back door with steps up to it from the yard  and says HOTEL at the top and there is Ruggles on the top step and I am peering out of the glass in the door. There is a seagull on the roof and down below there is Quasimodo the new gnome, the tortoise is in it and all the best plants..  I have tried to make it bigger and not fuzzy.  I failed!!  Take my word for it, the Cat Hotel is one of Owner's best cartoons and I love it.

Final on time para.   Owner trots back in still in a good mood and with time to spare.  Were the little people on form I said whilst having a long tummy tickle which is my fave.  JUST ONE PROB she goes, and this was to sort out GIRL TRUB.  Did it work I said.  FOR NOW she says back.  it makes a change I said from staff trub but she didn't hear me above putting all the millions of cans and biscuits and trays on the special cat shelf.  Last night Corrie delivered bigtime with two possible babehs, one person leaving for New York and Madeh has returned to Sofee.  And Gail is busy looking at photos of Bungly Burglars to select our fave Les Dennis.  Owner forgot to mention that Holby City coughed up a super and unexpected storyline so must definitely be reading this blog as this nurse who has a voice that really gets on owner's nerves, well he has a baby with Jack (female) but was marrying the love of his life (said.  Jack said he doth protest too much. that is Shakespeare) who is not Jack but this other nurse anyhow the man nurse with annoying voice sets off at last minute to registry office after Jack has said more or less you should be marrying me, he gets there, sees his fiancée over the road who is dead pleased to see him, he says have you got a fiver for the taxi, she laughs and says yes and comes across the road to pay up and does get HIT BY A TRUCK. Owner very startled and will now be looking forward to it next week.  masterchef dunt get tuffer and is on tonight as well after Enders.  We are now looking forward to this as Owner has new crush Mickey in the Queen vic.  We still love Masood who got snogged by Jane but Owner says, this was simply to annoy Ian.  it is all go.  I must go as I need a snack, then a nap, then I will on Ruggles watch.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks.  Big Love Wonka x