Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Top Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We got up 2 seconds before the good alarm went on its merry peeping way and I said to Owner, really I said, you wake up anyway.  IT'S MY INNER ALARM CLOCK she told me.  Now as you may know if you live in this country we are having very chilly nights and it looks lovely out there but you need to wrap up warm.  If you live in a hot country, Owner says you are luckyish.  There are pros and cons she goes to having hot weather.  Me?  thanks for asking well I do like it hot as you know so if we ever have to live in a hot country I shall be hunky dory.  Rug was still in the shed but did venture in for some breakfast before bolting off into the blue.  I ate all mine up for a change and I said to Owner why don't you give me that funny coloured green pouch all the time.

Fresh and tiptop para.  What has happened today you say.  NOTHING.  That's what.  Owner decided to quote SLOB around all day.  it began well with a phone call to further Owner's complaints of yesterdee.  it was agreed that Owner was right.  this can only mean righteous setting for the rest of the day as Owner basks in the glory of KNOWING BEST.   Then, to continue with her 'what am I like' mood she did what I can only call a dangerous thing.  And I ran straight upstairs and under the bed when she did it.  she let the Landlady in for a coffee.  I prayed to MOO that (list) 1.  the house looked fairly tidy aside from my thousands of toys 2.  she wouldn't notice there was a cat in residence 3.  She wouldn't put the rent up and force us to move or starve or both.  MOO must have heard me as none of these things got in the way of the visit and Owner promised faithfully to pull some weeds up.  That went really well Wonka she shouted to me upstairs and when I trotted back down I had to adjust her setting to TOPPING.  I love it.

Photoshoot para coming up.  I promised yesterdee we would have a nice cartoon of Owner at the hairdressers and here it is.  The answer to all life's problems:  There is Owner sitting in the chair with her good hairdresser (who is having a baby. Yes) and in the mirror as you can see she looks beautiful.  She loves it.

Final topping para.  As a treat said Owner we will watch Man of Steel despite the poor review given by someone on a well known media site she goes.  Are you going to reveal who they are I said.  NO she said, I cannot be that mean.  We are half way through it and it is frozen on the bit where good Kevin Costner who is superman's adopted Dad is giving him some advice.  it started off on the planet Krypton which we all know is where superman was born (to Russell Crowe his real Dad and we love him in any film anywhere anytime.) and then he is zoomed down to our little planet to SAVE IT. And fall in love with Lois.  What said Owner, is not to like?  and we are loving it.  It is only frozen so Owner can take annoying phone calls (this nearly changed the mood setting) and make tea.  Tonight, once all have settled and been fed and worried over, we shall have to watch Enders and suspend every morsel of disbelief rather like that famous trial going on.  (Owner said I mustn't get into that.  but I am enthralled like everyone else.)  why do we you ask?  because another one of the Queen vic brood has turned up, at Mick's Dad's flat.  we must have blinked and missed the bit where Mick's Dad gets from the Queen Vic to the flat.  Not to worry.  And Owner said this is getting silly now.  We love it.  After that we must watch the hospital drama as we don't see enough of those said Owner.  Now please do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x