Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tough Tuesdee

Wonka here.  did we slumber on in or did we slumber on in.  Much later Owner realised why.  WHY I said?  Because she goes, when the good heating engineer did the CHECK he adjusted the thermostat to a higher place.  I am only surpised we got up at all good folks out there as the SNOOZE thing kept on chiming and Owner kept on saying I AM GETTING UP.  No you're not I said, but then we did.  it was raining heavily and rug was snug in the luxury shed and came in very politely for some nosh.  he didn't notice but as he waited by the poor back door to escape back out into the wilds of the street I did put my paw under the door from the dining room.  Owner did notice and it did make her laugh.  I thought I was being assertive.  I love it.

Tough new para.  What is this tough thing you say?  Owner finally trots back in at 4pm as she has been to not one job but two.  Both with little people.  And one of the little people has captured Owner's heart.  HOW I said?  You will know if it happens she goes back.  She said and I quote.  Once it happens you are hooked and it doesn't matter what the little person does you know you will forgive them.  I must say I don't feel like that about Mr Beaujangles or Ruggles so it must be just a crush (Mr Beau) but now I come to think on it, I did feel like that about beloved Golly (in the next room).  But Owner goes, I HAD TO HAVE A WORD with a bigger person at the first job.  Oh no I said to myself, but Owner said MANNERS COST NOTHING and she is just being tough.  I did say I hope you weren't overly rude Owner and mirror the very behaviour you are cross about but she may not have heard me above answering the phone.  Now today's photoshoot is a special cartoon and does feature the phone. I have managed by a miracle to blow it up so you can see me listening to the bottom left whilst Owner (centre) is talking on the phone to best friend (gnome present best friend) about and here it is GOING TO SEE HER AT EASTER,  To the right there is the good trunk which doubles as a desk for laptops plants, calendars and anything else that will fit on it.  I don't mind too much as I will be having my own friends to stay with me and spoil me rotten.  I love it.

Fresh and finally tough para.  Have you stopped being tough now I goes to Owner, and she said no need once home and has high hopes that tomorrow MANNERS WILL PREVAIL.  I thought it useful to say a prayer to MOO as it might come in.  Now Dr Doolittle aka Mr Beau has popped in eaten his fill and popped back out.  Bertie was sighted slinking to the luxury shed and we await good teddy bear Ruggles.  We were not disappointed with Corrie last night as Owen and Gazzer have formed a comedy partnership to be reckoned with and we think this could be the undoing of bully boy builder who might laugh himself to death (of his character folks!).  Carla has finally raised her eyebrows, I mean told cheatin Peter about the babeh but hang on so has temptress Tina!! We love it.  Oh and Madeh has run away.  again.  In Enders Masood is still in with a shout and invited to a meal with saint Jane.  Over at business boy Ian and thingy who is cooking it.  The nice man at the vic who is the new Barman come Owner and we cannot bring his name to mind had a black eye and his family keeps on growing til soon it will need further housing.  tonight we can bear a bit more of Enders if Masood is in it and Cancer Carol has a new scarf on her head and it has made her go a bit kindly and then there is Holby City if it can pick itself up off the ground storywise.  We love it.  Now do go  steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x