Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wonka Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks and listen to this, Owner woke up having dreamt of strawberries.   And a really nice friendly dog...what make was it I ventured (do like that word)  ALSATION, goes Owner.  Now she nearly fell back to sleep and I was all ready just to dab a claw at her mouth and run off at the speed of light but did she decide to get up there and then.  TIME  TO GET UP WONKA she said.  You will want to know the answer to that burning question, did Mr Beau Beau book in for the night.  Answer good folks out there is YES.  YES SIREE.  and he stayed in nearly the same splayed out dead dog pose all night long.  he got up went in my luxury cat tray ate a couple of morsels of my best good as it looks and went off out of it.  Ruggles you say?  perched on the step ladders out back waiting.  Owner had to juggle three cats for breakfast and did also see Bertie waiting by the good back gate.  We love it.

Fresh para all about me.   You will want an update about (list) 1.  my sleeping arrangements day and night night and day. 2.  will I be looked after properly whilst Owner gallivants off. 3.  will I starve and have to alert good passers by out of the bay window that I am hank marvin (joke). 4. lonely.  so first off, I still have my amazon box.  There is a slight tear to the front right hand side where I have leaned perhaps too heavily but all in all I love it.  As a back up there is the giant nest stroke settee and that cave thing that Owner said is a bone fide cat pyramid thing.  Well those Egyptians have a lot to answer for making that shape and then centuries and thousands of years later does someone make it into a cat cave.  yes I have been in it once.  But it is small and dark and I did feel a mite claustrophobic.  I will be looked after by one of my aunties who I know and love (but it isn't you Owner!) and there is enough food to feed an army says Owner who unpacked it all after a giant expedition to the shops.  Try not to be lonely said Owner.  And I will try.  I could always have a few extra naps and snoozles.  today's good photoshoot stroke cartoon is of the cave:  I have flown it up top after a few tries at making it go in the middle.  There I am at the right hand side and there is my best mousey too.  That big thing is the table and the chair is pushed up to it with owner's best suit jacket casually thrown over the back of it ( I said many a time to put it on a hanger).  Now you can make out my new cave through all the legs.  it is chocolate brown with a gold cushion.  it says THE CAVE.  I don't love it just yet.

New and final para.  So Owner has spent most of today thinking about me, looking at me and talking to me.  I love it.    She did manage a trip to good old Kwikly Fit with the car with no name.  For a check up on the oil and water and tyres please she said.  HALF AN HOUR to wait and she goes YES.  And when the good assistant got in the car (quote) he said to me your oil is OK as it says so on your screen OH I said back.  Did you feel silly Owner I said.  I AM PAST FEELING SILLY she goes, I just said thankyou.  But it was alright as he did peak into the engine and instructed Owner on every single part in it.  And advised on the tyres too.  She loves Kwikly Fit.  We have saved up the last ten minutes of Man of Steel to watch (I do like a cliff hanger) and tonight it is good Corrie and then masterchef.   Lying through his perfect set of teef (oh no I mentioned teef) Pete has bought himself a Carla load of trouble never mind scheming Teena and we are spoilt for storylines as anything could happen let's hope Madeh leaving on a freight train is one of them.  Rug is due any minute now so I must dash.  And if Mr Beaujangles is on the windysill I will tell him we are fully booked.  Only joking!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x