Saturday, 26 April 2014

World Vet Day Satdee

~Wonka here.  Last night folks out there was as nail biting and tense as ever a night.  first up (list) was the snooker.  it had me and owner transfixed I tell you.  Ronnie our hero as you know against gentleman Joe Perry and trailing by TWO FRAMES.  Then good folks, fresh from being worn out by this does the horrid dense damp mist out there darken into a mizzley night.  Drizzle Mizzle dark and Grizzle!  ~That is my new poem and I like it.  By the time Owner had fed and watered me, Ruggles, and Bertie it was even more dark and drizzle out there.  WILL BERTIE BE ALRIGHT she frets to me as I am trying to relax and play with one of my tinkly balls.  I RECKON I goes back but I don't think she heard me above peering out back and washing our plates up.  I have saucers, Rug has the red bottom plate, Mr Beau's dish is red with a white bottom, the dishes for the luxury shed are blue (plastic) and bertie has now got Rugglesis spare dish which is ovenproof (?) and beige.  3 hours later we went to bed.  Only Joking! Followed good folks by a thunder storm with lightening and all.  Did we worry about Bertie?  YES WE DID.  need we have?  NO.  Guess where he sheltered? no that is not it, he went in the good kennel that our beloved Baba loved so much.

New and lighter para.  In keeping with it being World Vet Day you will all want a cartoon to do with it and you can have one.  Today it will be Bertie in the good kennel sheltering from the storm.  Tomorrow as you know is Owner's book slot of the week and will feature that wonderful Vet of all time James Herriot.  We love him and he loved all animals great and small .I have flown Owner's cartoon of Bertie in the kennel up top.  Owner said she could just make him out in the dark and torrential rain.  We love him.

 Fresh and snooker ridden para.  From ten this morn until twelve we had to be glued to the good tv as our hero Ronnie was on and STILL TRAILING.  As it was we got up too early as Owner thought it was later on.  And worried about Bertie out there in the cold (it is April I said not December.)  Me? thanks for asking I am enjoying a little bit of shut eye whilst Owner goes out visiting and swimming.  Oh and shopping.  I have warned against buying things we don't need but she didn't hear me above closing the good front door.

Final and Fair para.   You will all be very worried and concerned about Ronnie's trailing.....HE WON 13 - 11!!!!!  We watched it all on the famous red button and Owner was as happy today as she was flat yesterdee.  I have adjusted her setting yes.  So when she fell back in the door with I have to say a small shopping (for us) I just had time to say hallo and did you enjoy your swim before a FEEDING FRENZY began.  How so you ask nicely.  It started with Bertie on the steps peeking in the good window and I must say I had been chatting to him through the glass, just about this and that well when Owner opened the good back door who runs in but Ruggles! and then behind him was Mr Beau!!  Now if anyone can manage this kind of situation it is Owner.  Mr Beau was popped into the dining room with me as we only scrap in a mild sort of a way and he had his red top dish full of food to contend with.  Me?  I was fed first good folks oh yes.  Then Ruggles got his food on his red bottom plate and finally, Bertie who is bottom of the pecking order had his beige dish a la luxury shed.  it all calmed down once Owner had seen Ruggles trot off on his rounds, Bertie position back on the steps and Mr Beau is in here with me.  We have only scrapped once.  And Owner has only had to redirect him to my luxury litter tray once.  We sort of love him.  His tummy is gurgling and Owner hopes it is the worming in action.  Now tonight after all that Owner is hoping for some relaxezvous in front of Britain has got lots of Talent with antanddec.  Then it is Casualtee with good nurses and doctors falling in love and occasionally healing people, sometimes sorting out a lifetimes psychological trauma in what seems like minutes!  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks and we can breath easy now Ronnie is through to the next round.  Big Love Wonka x