Monday, 5 May 2014

Champion Mundee

Wonka here.  At last a proper lie in.  Bertie boy (?) nestling up top and despite more than a little growling at me as I attempted to take a small jump onto my other giant nest, on I got!  and blow me down if I didn't get in a nice little scratch on Owner's lip before she noticed I was there.  WONKA she muttered.  and WONKA when I pounced on her foot.  who else I said, is going to show Bertie the good morning routine if not me?  And I said this good folks out there as I sped down the stairs well ahead of Owner.  I love it.

Freshly fresh para.  once all assembled and fed I was able to recline on top of the good sideboard and take stock.  Take stock of what you all say at once.  Surely you can guess it just this once.  yes that is it.  Take stock of our hero Ronnie and his chances in the final day of the championship.  Mr Selby, who is Mark Selby called the jester from Leicester although as Owner has said, she cannot recall him smiling is edging closer to our Champ and hero the Rocket 'blink and you'll miss him' Ronnie.  Owner said and I quote, as much as we want a bit of a match we don't want it to be TOO TENSE.  should it all get too close I may well have to listen to the game from the top of the stairs folks.  For our photoshoot  today there is a little cartoon of guess what yes that is it you are getting clever at this now.  When Owner visited the Cue Zone did she do a tiny sketch for us:  It was early on Satdee morn and there was the table all set up for anyone to go on!  In the background there was the sign for Paul Hunter day, he was a young snooker player who is now in the next room because of cancer and there is a charity to raise money to help others.  hankies away folks!

Diversion para.  I have warned Owner that she will have massive withdrawals tmro when all is over.  I KNOW she said to me.  but she said, she is still on a search for soft socks.  Whatever are you on about I goes.  I have been on a sock search she said, TO NO AVAIL.  Nowhere it seems sells soft plain socks which DO NOT GRIP YOUR LEG.  The vast warehouse come supermarket used to sell them, but since it turned itself from a small to medium sized shop into another county it no longer does.  There's a lot of things it no longer sells said Owner, which she liked.  Just where are they now? We are a bit stuck now as to where to go for these socks.  did you look at the Men's section owner I said or perhaps I ventured (smile)....YES.  They don't have them either.  All there is are patterned socks, stay fresh socks, long socks, sports socks, trainer socks but no non elasticated socks.  I did say should that be 'all there are...' but Owner couldn't hear me above her Sock Sermon.  In the old days she said, socks did not stay up and fell down in your wellies so it was uncomfortable but at least you knew you had a proper sock on.  We love it.

Final sockless para.  We managed to watch The Crimson field last night full of good nurses, and blind soldiers pretending they could see.  There is plenty of unrequited love which Owner likes mostly I think because she has a degree in it!  Only joking Owner!  We also noted that there is a review of that Happy Valley which called it relentlessly grim.  They are SPOT ON went Owner.  Tonight if Owner's nerves hold, we will be watching a punishing schedule folks.  First up is tonight's final snooker session and at the moment it is 12 - 11 in Mark less of a Jester's favour and looking skew whiff for Ronnie. ~~List: 1.  7pm last session of snooker. 2.  flick over to Corrie X 1 at 7 30pm to see if any excitement other than leeanne and her latest silly decision, Sophee and hers or Sally.  3. If the snooker is too tense we could watch a little bit of Enders to put it all in perspective and then 4.  flick over to corrie X 2 for more calming down storylines.  Not the Sophee and Madeh one this will wind Owner up and I'll be under the bed. 5.  Back to the snooker and our hero Ronnie.  It is John Virgo talking us through it and we love him he goes 'and where's the cue ball going!'.  We love it.  Owner is now working out how to fit in a million jobs in a short space of time around this busy schedule.  I did say have you accounted for (like it) us cats in all of this Owner.  She goes YOU ARE TOP OF MY TO DO LIST.  I love it.  Tinkerbelle has been sighted and stayed for a good two seconds at the back gate looking in at Owner until she fled.  she has beauty green eyes goes Owner.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it good folks.  Big Love Wonka x