Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Down to Earth Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We all woke up in the middle of the night thanks to Mr Beau and his gurgly tummy. I KNEW IT said Owner.  Add on to this the fact that our darling Ronnie failed to make it to 18 frames before the so called jester from Leicester did, that is Mark Selby, and you can imagine the downward spiral we went on.  if I were to be philosophical and I might just break out and do that, I would liken Owner's middle of the night trudge downstairs to the downward spiral of our spirits.  Yes.  Oh no you all say, we cannot read on.  Listen up as those peskie Americans like to say, and read on if you dare.  SURF said Owner, patiently trip trapping between the scene of the crime and the miniscule kitchen, and even more tiny bathroom, blink and you'll miss it (our good ref to Ronnie) IS THE NEW VANISH.  OH I whispered from under the table.  Bertie had got himself straight into the cavern under the stairs and only Mr Beau was out in the open.  Foolish or brave?  you decide.  I love it.

Fresh and I mean Surf fresh para.  Did you all settle back down you want to know immediately.  Well obviously I take only a moment to drop off and I must say the snack in the deep of the night helped.  Bertie darted out briefly from his lair before melting back in and later I noted he was back in position on my second best nest aka Owner's bed.  Mr Beau had a helping of good as it looks with more than a few bits of advice from me on my way upstairs and under the bed.  Things like:  Is it a good idea to feed him?  Is it a good idea to feed him that?   Is it a good idea to leave him there?  Owner didn't hear me though above making herself a calming cup of tea.  Apparently (like it) it took her just over an hour to get back to the land of nod.  With the help of her new book.  She loves it.  Cartoons you want to know?  yes there is one and here it is:it is Owner and me reunited and there I am on Owner's shoulder having that crushing cuddle!  all around are the things Owner had with her like bags and books and papers and provisions but all was left until we were cuddled out!  We love it.

Down to earth final para.  We did get up on time and although there was a huge traffic jam with all of us plus good Ruggles for breakfast it all worked out nicely thanks to a bit of coordination on Owner's part.  DO YOU ALL NEED TO GO AT ONCE she moaned, and I did say NO I wait until you have changed everything, then I go but she didn't hear me above cleaning the luxury tray.  Now this is a labour of love thing so do not worry and I have of course mentioned this to Owner when she is struggling with another cement like bag of litter.  THANKYOU Wonka for pointing that out she said.  Yes.  now today, owner had to go back to the little job that if nothing else does mean being in with the little people who love Owner and she loves them, followed up by a trip to aged parent.  Now old people are like little people without the appeal of them being little people, but, they have their moments.  Was it a good visit I ventured when Owner had made several trips back and forth from the car with no name lugging catfood and litter and wotnot.  IT WASN'T BAD was her reckoning up.  she went to a meeting with the other residents and played a quiz and got 9 out of 10.  The meeting was a horrid reminder of a lifetimes meetings said Owner but I said that's good it will take your mind off the snooker.  Owner said she hadn't thought about it til I mentioned it though.  Well Enders will do the trick nicely, and we are not sure where it is up to except the murderer is still out there and we think Miss Marple would solve it in minutes.  just invite the entire square into the queen vic where we know they all fit in, and eliminate them one by one, suddenly announcing that the Cleaner did it.  next up is good Holby and if Owner can cope Happy Valley.  We have established it is in a valley but not a happy one, with kidnapping and dark dealings.  Between that and Owner's new book also about a disappearance how will we sleep!  I think we'll be alright Wonka goes Owner nodding wisely and mr Beau has not been sighted as yet.  We still love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it good folks.  Big love Wonka x