Friday, 2 May 2014

Dream Trip Fridee!

Wonka here:    here it is a tiny stroke small cartoon of Owner's Dream Trip to the Crucible theatre in Sheffield where the beloved world Championship snooker is on.  To the left is our little abode (ooh) and I am safe inside with my Auntie and that is big teddy bear ruggles out front.  Then there is the train chugging nicely to Sheffield which is all lit up and lots of people are rushing towards it.  Well they must get out of the way for Owner!!

What happened this morning para:  Owner was that excited she woke up an hour early good folks, and got up.  None of us, not one of us was ready for that.  Ruggles was asleep on the doorstep, Mr Beau was asleep in exactly the same position as when we went to bed, and Bertie bubbles was in his hideout under the stairs.  Me?  I had just settled down nicely on the bed ready for forty or more winks and maybe a little game of pounce on Owner's foot and lightly scratch before ambling down below.  Instead it was....OOH IS THAT THE TIME WONKA?  and then it was the usual feeding frenzy and this cat goes there and that one goes somewhere else.  Even aged parent remarked on it yesterdee saying things like, you will have a cat sanctuary and how many??  Owner says managed to brush it off as nothing to speak of (Me? nothing to speak of??).  What else is good about today you want to know, well here follows a weather forecast and it is blue sky and sunny.  cold we can stand.  I am so excited Owner keeps saying, but I will miss you Wonka.  I love her.

Final bubbling with excitement para.  As you know there will be the usual diary on Sundee folks and if we can stand it, a lot more to tell about champion Ronnie and all else.  Will you get me an autograph and maybe a photee I asked Owner.  After all Ronnie is my hero too.  I WILL DO MY UTMOST she goes back.  I love her even more...............  We did get through Enders last night and guess what no that is not it, but good David who is looking after his 'girl' cancer ridden Carol, has only accused multiple affair ridden Max of the Lucee murder!!  apart from that we cannot recall much of the storyline and on Masterchef it was our new crush Marcus Warring guest chef come judge who all are scared of.  We love him.

final final para.  to-date (get me) Ronnie and the Hawk (baz Hawkins) stand at 11 - 5 and Owner is now very worried there may not be a session to watch come Satdee aft. I have said (list).  Owner it is not every day you visit The Crucible, make the most of it.  2) A prayer to the Snooker god has gone up 3).  You will still watch some live snooker (?) 4).  you are meeting your good friend from Grammar School days (Letchworth it was says Owner.  And it may have featured in World's End with Simon Pegg et al, she says too) and will see some of Sheffield whilst you at it. and finally 5).  You might meet some snooker legends.  ALRIGHT she says.  Have a wonderful weekend good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and whether it is a bank hol or it isn't do go steady.  See you Sundee.  big Love Wonka x