Thursday, 15 May 2014

Face it Thursdee

Wonka here.  All under control as we got up, Bertie trip trapped downstairs to make way for me on the bed alerting Owner to the fact it is a new day and TIME TO GET was fine, she knew what day it was, and who the prime minister is...Only Joking!!  Good Chris Evans was very pleased for himself and the team because they have racked up a giant audience of which me and Owner plus Bertie when he comes out of his lair are part of.  We do listen to good Radio 2 most of the time and Owner only turns it off when (list).  1.  The song is getting on her nerves.  This is any Adele (sorry Adele and even more sorry to any fans out there in the Wold it is just too mournful for Owner.  I  quite like her.)2.  Any Jesse J.  no sorrys.  none.  3. The current Eurovision song contest entry by Molly.  owner got it on the brain yesterdee and it did threaten to put her in a mood.  I cannot afford for that to happen. 4.  Owner has taken against Lily Allen.  is it just women you don't favour I said to Owner but she goes it is only jingly jangly shouty grating talking not singing mournful songs.  OH I said.  I love it.

Face up to it para.  Now what you all jump up and say to me.  After such a good start to the morning does Owner go and spoil it for herself.  I spose I had better get off she goes, to the job that is just not up to scratch (poor choice of word I know) anymore.  Why is that you all shout up?  I did quiz Owner about this and got the following information.  when she trudged back in with 2 wrong items of clothing (on taking the trousers back she then went on to buy a t shirt which we can live with, it is ok, I wouldn't have bought it myself, and a long skirt that makes Owner look 100 years old and this folks is definitely going back)  I said straight off what is it Owner.  her face had that set look that usually means I must be halfway up the stairs.  I played it safe and sat at the top.  IT'S ALL GONE WRONG TODAY she said holding back the tears.  That's tears folks not years. Just my little joke to lighten us up!  it turns out that the little people had a time of it too with tears galore, a lot of rowdy behaviour, the usual snitching which little people cannot help, spilling entire contents of bottles and not having the right thing in their lunchbox.  NO CHANGE THERE then I said helpfully.  IT WASN'T that said Owner it was quote, that lack of organisation. AHA I said back. Owner says she must face facts and regroup. (?)  Personally I think Russell Grant the Astrologer is maybe onto something folks with his predictions and I did say this to Owner but she may not have heard me from the back of the wardrobe.  Now today's photoshoot is a rather fetching cartoon of the Three Gnomes!! To cheer us up a little.  Well Owner then as I am cheered up. Not only is it flown up to the left but I have made it bigger.  Owner says it is BLURRY but I said that is how you are looking at life at the moment.  alright I thought it.  Now the little and nearest to us gnome is whistler by the big plant pot then in the middle sort of up and left a bit is the new Mr O Leary and looking straight on is Quasimodo.  To the right good folks is Tinkers wending its way to the luxury shed.  Owner is now saying she will upload it to google+ as only a mouse would see it on here.  I love it.

Final faced it and still facing it para.  Owner has decisions to make good folks out there and yes she has consulted her consultant at the good agency.  yes we may be facing up to starvation.  Especially if Owner keeps buying the wrong clothes! Sorry owner!!  I love you etc.  Now last night we managed Corrie and the storyline of Maria sending the wrong texts to Tyrone and evil David knows all.  Carla's bruv Rob who is to marry wicked through and through Tracee is on to temptress Tina and cheatin Pete so we can expect a showdown any day soon.  We love it.  And toby jug and thingy who used to love Maria until he changed sides continue to provide some very witty banter. in Masterchef for once Owner got it right and PING is through to the final with Jack and Luke we think it is Luke and again, sorry if it isn't.  so more of that and of course Enders.   Will this stoke up Owner's already frazzled and faced up setting.  Only Enders can do it!  will it be the big and pending row between Carol cancer and her scarf and David?  Will it be another grandson worming his way into Dot's affections?  Will Phil stop being nice as we cannot stand it?  And where is Ben newly released and hopefully newly acted too.  All to play for Owner I said to cheer her on.  I AM ALRIGHT NOW she says (this I know is a song.  just telling you).  but I do not quite believe it.  I love it.  Ruggles and Mr Beau have both been in and eaten fodder.  Tinkers has been in the luxury shed.  Me?  I just roll with it folks!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x