Sunday, 4 May 2014

Home sweet Home Sundee

Wonka here.  Owner has returned and given me a right crush of a cuddle!! I love it!  yes we are watching the Final with #ourhero Ronnie and #lookinggood Selby.  Did Owner have a fab time you all want to know A BIG FAT YES she said.  Even though the Snooker gods decided Ronnie and owner must never meet......she did get to see Ken Docherty. Dennis Taylor and Stephen Hendry plus sit in Row M in the TINY it is TINY (she says) crucible arena....  here are some photoshoots.  This is the Crucible and then the Big Screen Folks in Tudor Square and right now all will be watching the final game on it. (although some lucky people are inside....) This is a shot from Saturdee Aft when Selby was still at it with Robertson says Owner.  Also she says after meeting up with her old mucker from Letchworth Grammar skool days they came up with a new name for the chappie who Ronnie slayed in the semi.  it is no longer The Hawk, it is now The Budgie.  no offence to any budgies out there we love them.
And this is from inside the Crucible, in Row M watching an exhibition match with the darling from Dublin on the table.....What is it like I said, inside the place of your dreams.   It was MAGIC Wonka, and a bit Blokey.  meaning I goes back?  I mean to say Wonka, I felt very much in the minority she said back and I quote.  There's not many Owners, I said, brave enough to go in there on THEIR OWN.  I had to, she said.  And this is my tip to all of you good folks our there not realising your dreams because you are waiting for someone else to help you ....JUST DO IT!!  Our final photoshoot is of the beautiful lights up above.......  Owner loved it.

Other reasons to go to Sheffield are that it is surprisingly GREEN, and the people are friendly.  Did you miss me Owner I said.  MILLIONS she goes back.  and as soon as she stepped back through the good front door I shouted IT WASN'T ME it was Bertie dolittle.  What about Mr Beau and Rug you say?  perfectly fine and we were all looked after by our Auntie who spoils us rotten but don't tell Owner.

Fresh home sweet home para.  Now that Owner has zoomed round the house doing this doing that, giving me more cuddles and talking nonstop, I can calm down and get some much needed shut eye.  I have been on Bertie watch, Dr Doolittle watch (he is in now eating for ingerland) and Rugglesis watch and it has quite worn me out.   I am also keeping an eye on all that happens out front with the neighbours and such like.  Bank Holidays are always different and it is worth being a nosey parker.  ~What are you looking at goes Owner and then she starts looking at it too!!  Now owner did manage to catch up with corrie in between Italian meals out in Sheffield and visiting the Cue Zone and such like.    Cue the Cue Zone!!! just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water we mention snooker again..... It is Owner's full on addiction but only tonight and tmro to go folks.  And the cue zone is in Sheffield Winter Gardens for all to have a play on.  that is where good Hazel was interviewing everyone.  Until Owner got there....I did say to Owner it seemed like everyone was everywhere like in the Cue Zone and at the Crucible until you set foot in good Sheffield and then it all ran to ground but she didn't hear me above talking to Ruggles on the step.  In corrie X 2 (fridee night) the continuing saga of Madeh and Sophee with the added  annoyance of little Ben who was briefly Madeh's bruvver traipsed on.  It was only lightened up by the many references to 'what will Kevin say' when he gets back from his latest trip to outer Mongolia or such like. and Owner reports that Sally Webster's boyfriend who we really liked because he is down to earth and drinks out of bottles and cartons  has only gone and left! and finally, leeane and the gym partner of Dev are split up before they started and Nice wonky headed Nick thinks all is well.  That will be the bonk on the head I said to Owner.  We love it.  Tonight there is more you know what and the score is 5 -3 although it should have been four all said Owner.  that, I whispered from behind the curtain in the bay, is the story of our lives Owner.  YOU ARE SO RIGHT she said with her acute hearing.  Now do go steady out there on this Sundee eve wherever you are in the wold and we wish you a fantastic week ahead with sunshine filled days.  Big Love Wonka x