Monday, 12 May 2014

Horoscope Mundee

Wonka here.  Sunny start, managed to get up near to Owner with Bertie Growler OFF THE BED!  I did say quietly to him I said, this was my Owner first so move over!!  Mind you he spoilt it by going in my luxury tray before me..... it was despite this a nice morning to wake up to.  Dreams you ask?  She was mumbling about making a list with someone and then having an appointment cancelled and asking to see the Manager.  that sounds very you I says.  Good Ruggles was waiting nicely and all in all a pleasant morning.  What you say could possibly go wrong?  We love it.  Mundees.

Fresh follow your horoscope para.  Now what you all hanging off the edge of your seat go?  Owner made the mistake of listening and looking at a video of her MUNDEE HOROSCOPE via good Russell Grant.  Instead of saying things like what a fabulous conjuction of this and a new moon in the other and Mercury (planet of communications) is moving forward...NO.  Russell stands there and says you must sort something out that has been hanging over you!!!  like the Sword of Damocles... WOE goes Owner.  Do you know what he is on about I said from behind the door?  TAX CODES she goes back.  An hour later good folks out there all is calm all is clear.  We are tax coded into oblivion and helping the nation tick over.    What is this you all pipe up and ask???  This good folks is said Sword of Damocles and represents the ever present dangers to those in power!!  We love it.

Free from horror para.  Now Owner fairly skipped out the door once she had solved all her tax codes FOR NOW.  As we have learnt, the second any more money should drift through the letterbox, should Owner suddenly develop her own Life Coaching business so that people actually want to have some, and any other hidden suspect income (should we check the loft I said to owner and she goes DON'T BE SILLY WONKA!).... anyone would think we were sitting on a fortune.  You know how much I worry when Owner skips back through the door with more things we don't need. And of course this is what she did.  She ran straight upstairs to try these tiny leggings on I said even a child would struggle with those owner but she couldn't hear me above breathing in and doing some strange yoga like stretching to pull them back off.  I rest my paws as usual.  What else has happened on this horoscope Mundee?  Owner has found out that someone who does an ace job is very helpful, friendly, and uses a rather nice aftershave is to help out at lunch times no more.  TYPICAL she moaned to me, the minute anyone useful comes along they are banished to do another job.  I could only agree and say soothing things like well he is still there just not helping you Owner, and OH WHAT A SHAME thinking all the time, what is for tea and when will it happen?   I love it.

final prediction free para.  Tonight we must try and watch the rest of our action packed thriller called HOMEFRONT.  There is nothing homely about it and for most of the film we have worried about a tiny black kitwit called Luther.  We know it is JUST A FILM but.  Next up will be the soap sandwich with Corrie X 2 and good Carla whining on about cheating Pete and his brush with deathly alcohol, Anna has not told Owen the story he will not want to hear, but hopefully Tim is still being the kind of partner to knock holes in Sally's small minded universe.  ~For some reason she is being kind to Madeh and this alone is sending  Owner crackers.  Over in Enders, dark storylines continue to merge like twisted tracks.  One minute she did it, oh no it must be him, no that is too obvious and so on.  BUT hardly had Owner moaned about Dot and her usurping grandson does she smell a rat!!  Another BUT.  I like these buts they are very useful.  yes Owner thinks that somehow the cheating lying thieving obviously NOT DOT'S GRANDSON will convince Dot that he is.  just because she is 90 odd says Owner does not mean she is daft.  (BUT).  now I must dash as I need to check on smelly Growler that is my new name for Bertie, and of course Rug may be at the door.  Tinkers has been and gone thankyou.  Tomorrow if I do remember I must update you on the garden front (back yard!) as it has gone very green and Owner spent a good hour out there messing about with pots.  Me?  I observed all from the sideboard occasionally (like it) giving Owner wise words to spur her on, like THAT LOOKS BETTER OVER THERE.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka X