Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hot and Cold Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner said is it time to get up before dropping back off and to be fair I joined in.  Well it's been a long week as I have had an extra person to check on (Grandson) and then there was all the fun of the stranger visiting (Strange Owner of Tinkers) so I've had a lot to do.  Bertie has no excuse whatsoever for sleeping all day and then the same all night interspersed (love this word) with eating and the other.  I have had a word with him to the effect that he is not a good advert for us felines.  Who I said, would want to adopt, foster or just go out and rescue a feline when that is all they are doing??  he couldn't hear me though above the confines of my luxury cat tray.  I rest my paws and everything.  I love it.

Fairly warm para.  I'M FED UP WITH THIS WEATHER goes Owner, one time it is sunny and you put a tea shirt on and the next it is freezing.  I have a fur coat on all year round and cannot for the life of me see the problem?  Thankfully she popped out on her visits or rounds as she likes to call them, first up to aged sibling who was struggling to get his head round the bills.  TELL ME ABOUT IT she says, and then aged parent who is struggling with being an aged parent.  This visit passed nicely though as they were planting up some flowers in pots.  Some of the residents knew what they were doing and those that didn't still enjoyed it.  Owner reported aged parent laughing loudly at some witty remark she made.  This is rare and so was worth reporting.  for our photoshoot it is a cartoon of Owner doing a quiz with some of those happy residents.  (Yes, it is like 'Derek' sometimes which is why Owner does not follow it closely.  home from home she goes):

Hurrah it has only gone and done it again.  we love you blog.  so there is Owner at the 'home' with aged parent and some of the others.  That is me in the right hand side corner but I am not really there I am at my home dreaming.  We love it.
Even warmer para.  last night was a wasteland with regard to the tv and Owner was forced to watch Enders.  We all rallied round and kept making small and witty remarks to stop her from rushing at the remote and thankfully it was over quite quickly.  The downside is that Carol's scarf seemed to take over and even take itself off Carol's head!  That happened and she has ditched David her feeonce.  What an idiot goes Owner who would marry him in minutes (she says that now).  If she says I cannot cope one more time goes Owner............Luckily it ended around there and then that is right there was nothing on.  tonight we are back on groundhog day with the talent show and all four judges are talking it up.  this can only mean a fair to middling night reckons Owner.  We can switch from this vaguely entertaining show (reports Owner) to Casualtee where all is going on with doctors and nurses and Charlee nursey who advises and guides all, even taking his own advice we think.  We love him.  Now do enjoy your evenings good folks and stay cosy and warm!  Go steady wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x