Friday, 23 May 2014

Hurrah it is Fridee Fridee

Wonka here.  When Owner needs to wake up early does she wake up early and I mean well before the alarm.  WHAT IS THE TIME she goes at 5 am.  The mobile had been making that strange noise that means it needs reharging OR buy a new mobile phone.  Guess which one Owner is doing?  YES you got it right, she is hanging on to the old phone.  Has the other one stopped that silly endless ringing you all pipe up and ask.  If it hadn't good folks out there we would all be in the car heading for a desert island with no phones no people and no nonsense.  We love it.

Fresh and grateful para.  Why are we grateful you ask?  We got to the end of a tense and fitful week with Owner popping here and there, feeding this one and that one, meeting with just about everyone in the locality and growing more stressed by the minute.  We are not talking about the voting as Owner says it is too (new word) contentious (OOOH) BUT, I promised you some info on holidays and here it is.  Owner has gone and made a decision.  it has taken well over a month and all her friends were saying to each other will she never let us know what day she is arriving and how?  But it is all done and dusted.  This is what Owner does.  She goes over all the options a million times.  Goes over them again.  Checks this bit and that bit.  Sleeps on it all for roughly a month.  Wakes up one morning and buys tickets and emails friends.  We love it.  She is not driving so all on the M42 are safe and M5 too, oh and the A1 and M1,  infact August will now be very safe for all drivers on all roads.  Only joking Owner!  now next up is a little cartoon of Owner on the radio!!

There is the good radio cassette with some toys on it like there would be, we have toys everywhere, and me to the right and Bertie down there on the left thinking why is Owner speaking to us from the Radio?  don't we get enough of her when she is here!!!!  Joking Owner!!!  We love it and she was famous for all of 2 mins.

Fresh hurrah for Fridee para: I did promise a little spot of news on the psychic front.  OOOH you all say.  Keep your hair on I go back as it is only good Russell Grant's psychic line which put an offer out that Owner could not refuse.  99p for 5 mins of predictions.  I mean to say, bound to be a step up from Owner's poor predictions (between me and you, dare not say this too loudly to Owner).  so she does ring up and speak to a good psychic lady who said you had better ask a question as we only have 5 mins.  OH says Owner who did not have a question ready.  blimey I goes, did you ask whether our dwindling fortunes will improve?  NO she said.  did you ask if I am to have at last a companion what loves me?  NO she goes.  did you ask anything sensible like to do with your job or your beloved short stories?  NO.  What I said patiently (like it) did you ask.  I said will I meet the love of my life goes Owner.  good folks out there, do you join with me in thinking that only a positive answer could come forth?  and will you be surprised good folks to learn that yes indeed Owner is to meet up with someone lovely in the near future.  of course not!!  I have warned Owner that no one is trotting through that good front door that I don't approve of.  or the poor back door for that matter.  but it did make Owner smile which was worth every bit of 99p.  So we love Russell.

What else final para.  now last night with all that happening Owner was worn out and we missed everything we should have watched.  yes including Enders but Owner says we can easily catch up and I happen to agree.  it is on tonight with good Corrie which we think is just about ready to spill the beans about tempting fantasyland Teenah and off his head and rails etc Petah.  Carling black eyebrows is going to go funny.  Over in the other fantasy land of Maria, will Tryrone rediscover his kindly self and let her off the hook?  or will Fizz bamboozle him with her hard faced tack.  We cannot wait.  Owner says got through the day somehow criss crossing from one school to another and exchanging one set of large people for some smaller ones.  We have a week off to restore she says...Me? thanks for asking, bearing up you know with all the others.  Bertie is still growling and eating non stop and the rest, Mr Beau is looking more and more skeletal (get me) and Ruggles is just ruggles.  Tinkers is still fleeing across the busy street stroke motorway and making Owner's nerves shred.  Tomorrow if I remember (I have a lot to do) you can see my new toy and Bertie's new toy.  neither of us have bothered so far.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it as it is the weekend and some of us have a bank holiday too.  Big Love Wonka