Friday, 30 May 2014

It's a Sunny Day Fridee!

Wonka here.  Yipee says Owner because that is the sun out.  MEANING I said opening one eye...we can go down the front she goes.  At last, I can get some well deserved shut eye whilst they are out.  Fairly peaceful night with not much happening.  Bertie moved from one lair to another and I kept a look out.  Tinkers stayed out back all evening hopeful for some food and Owner finally caved in and gave her a bowlful of IAMS.  Surely that will aid her digestive system she said.  WE CAN HOPE I ventured.....  We love it.

Still sunny para.  On the same subject and just for your interest good folks out there thinking oh I want to know more about Tinkers, well Owner has now fed her again with good IAMS.  in fact she studied the packet for so long going on about (quote) it says here this and it says here that (about digestion) I thought she was going to shake some in a bowl for herself.  with or without milk.  Only joking!!  Instead she pops it in the shed and Tinkers whisks off to cram it all down.  how this aids digestion I am not sure.  I take my time as you know to eat, often having only one or two mouthfuls before having  a break.  Bertie?  wolfs it down in seconds.  Mr Beau aka that other name, seems to need help to know it is food on his plate (the red plate) before getting down to it.  Today's good cartoon is all about Mr Beau being pronounced another cat by a stranger who says he was her cat once upon a time.  Well he is a fully paid up hobo now! we love him.

A miracle has just happened!! we have successfully uploaded our good cartoon for this blog without any messing.  WE LOVE YOU BLOG AND WILL NEVER MOAN AGAIN.  This means you can all see the cartoon without a magnifying glass!!    there is Mr Beau by the sideboard being pointed at by the stranger and Owner is smiling next to her.  (why she is smiling when Mr Beau is being given another name I do not know) At the window peering in and full of mischief is the culprit Tinkers who started it all.   There am I centre stage bottom observing as per, and to the right down below is Bertie just peeking out of his lair.  Luckily as said, he does not want to be solved.  We love it
Fresh excitable para.  We are still overwhelmed by the actions of this blog and even if it never happens again it was lovely.  thankyou and thankyou again good blog!  What else has gone on?  Owner spent an hour on the phone with a helpline that did not in the end help.  it was to make our internet connection faster and better.  Result you all say those of you still awake??  SAME AS BEFORE but Owner in danger of having a headache connection. it was all blamed on (list) 1.  the good laptop 2.  their equipment ie the router and last 3.  where we are living.  IT CAN'T BE HELPED Wonka, she said in between doing all the other little jobs she does.  I am wondering if it has by accident sorted out this blog??  in which case it would be (that word) fortuitous.  I love it.
Last thankful sunny para.  Today it went warm and sunny and Owner did go down South bay with Grandson and eat icecreams and such like.  Owner reports it was very busy and very hot.  I could have said the same really.  It was hot on the sideboard top in the sun there, I was busy checking on any movement out back and Bertie of course poked his head out like a tortoise now and then.  Tonight we must try and find something on the good tv because of the football.  I'm sure someone will want to watch this game but me and Owner and Grandson who is welded to my giant nest, will try a film.  What film you all say with interest?  it is about some samurai creatures.  with Keanu Reeves.  I pray, for Owner's sake it is action packed.  I HAVE NEVER LIKED Keanu wotsit she goes.  RIGHT I said back.  Last night just as we were giving up on any talent being on any show someone rather interesting called Lettice appeared playing a violin.  Owner took to her straight away and she is our new fave.  In Corrie, all is lost for Owen and Anna, they are not talking now and Carling black eyebrows is suspected of  tapping Teenah about the head.  We know different!!  Now it is time to check on Ruggles who is a teddy bear even when hissing and growling which is rather a lot.  It is now the weekend folks out there, so do go steady wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x