Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mystery solved Thursdee

Wonka here.  Yes before you even ask, Owner has had more dreams with a lot of (quote) intricate detail.  In one bit she goes, YES I said pretending to listen as to be honest good folks out there I was just dropping back off to sleep, lulled into it by Owner's voice gently droning by my ear zzzzzzYES!! Well she said, I was climbing this tiny staircase to the top and it was really hard to get to the top because there are always obstacles like the staircase disappears or it shrinks or you cannot hold onto anything...zzzzzzzzzzzzYES, but I did it Wonka!  I got to the top!  this can only be another sign of good fortune ... zzzz WONKA!  Oh yes!  So instead of Owner dropping back off it was me.  I love it.

Good fortune and problems free para.  Well alright we wish all our problems were solved then but listen up as those pesky Americans say (Owner says to be truly PC I ought to say those pesky US of A people....ooops I nearly dropped off again) yes listen up because a mystery has been solved and it is Tinkers, and Mr Beaujangles.  How so you all enquire wide awake and sitting up now.  Due to Tinkers.  One minute there was nothing overmuch happening this morn and next thing Owner looks up and Tinkers is looking through the window at her.  GOODNESS goes Owner, and WHERE IS YOUR WORN OUT COLLAR??  needless to say Tinkers did not reply but when Owner flung open the poor back door cowered near to the gate.  You can be a bit frightening Owner I said from behind the dining room door but she did not hear me above talking to Tinkers.  next thing she has enticed Tinkers into the shed and chopped off the old collar.  I had to, she said to me when I demanded an explanation (!) it was hooked round her leg.  The next thing good folks all wondering where this story is going, is that there was a little tag on the collar with a phone number on it.  Owner rings it, and a stranger answers.  It is the real Owner of Tinkers.  I love it.

Mystery is solved para:  The real Owner of Tinkers turns up and finds out that her cat called TIA has been trotting round every day, rushing across a busy street stroke motorway and narrowly missing being despatched to the next room or sanctuary.  DO NOT FEED HER she said to Owner.  it is tricky said Owner, when she pops into the luxury shed.......  and then, Mr Beau trots into view.  Listen to this one folks as it turns out he was called Jasper and lives further up the street!!  I cannot call you that said Owner to Mr Beau and I am in full agreement.  Mr Beau just lay down in his new pitch at the back of my giant nest stroke settee and we took that as a vote in favour of his new name.  So two cats are traced back to an owner.  Just ruggles then, oh and Bertie bubbles.  He is showing no signs of being solved.  I love it.

Fresh para for cartoon of Tinkers: I have flown it up top and it so small you will nevermake it out so I said to Owner to put it on google+ - I am on the sideboard looking out the window onto the good back yard and Tinkers is on the outside sill looking in.  Bless Tinkers.

Last mystery solved para.  If that wasn't tiring enough having to deal with strange owners across the street and cats with new names, Owner goes off for a nice visit to aged sibling and runs head on into a meeting.  GOOD OR BAD I asked when she fell back in laden with shopping and Grandsons.  NOT GOOD she says back, and what's for tea I asked nicely because we are all starving.  Well that will take her mind off the meetings I thought, and blow me down by the time she had seen to me then Bertie and Mr Beau and Grandson she had forgotten all about it!!  Now tonight as long as Owner can keep going, there is a groundhog day of entertainment.  First up is the talent show that was seriously lagging behind in the talent stakes last night.  There was a singer who warbled her way to the top of the scale though.  and a strange puppet thing.  After that there is good corrie and Teenah is well and truly out of it and on a life thingy.  Rob is busy with his story and Carling black eyebrows has been arrested on the spot.  Owen and Anna you all say?  Ruined and in ruins.  This said Owner, is a very sad storyline and only that bullyboy builder is to blame.  RIGHT I goes back.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x