Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nearly thereThursdee

Wonka here.  Late night last night all down to the snooker folks, as Owner decided to stay up and watch Neil Robertson win out and go through to the Semis.  I tell you, I was ready to go up to my giant nest stroke spare bed for ages but had to wait for the BATTENING DOWN.  First up, there is a food level check.  Can we all make it through the night without starving.  next up, are the facilities in place?  and folks this is trebly important when we have Mr Beau splayed out as if dead on the luxury carpet in the living room.  he may look inert and hardly living but as soon as we go upstairs (according to Owner, I am fast asleep and do not know) he gets up, clears the plates and (wait for it) GOES IN THE TRAY.  At least Owner hopes he is going in the luxury tray and I can assure you all good folks out there, this is a trial.  it really is.  With good Bertie or Gertie Growler staying over, it is a traffic jam situation.  Best to sleep through it.

Fresh yes it is para.  Woke up to another of those dismal drab mizzle drizzle days but wait on.  Owner is still in that GOOD MOOD.  Why can't there be a snooker world championship every day you ask yourselves?  We all know the answer though.  This morning Gertie or Bertie popped out and was brought back in roughly 5 minutes later as Owner thought he might GO OVER THE ROAD.  I said to Owner, YES this is what we cats do, but she was in danger of switching over to ANXIETY setting.  so there he is back in his lair in the cavern under the stairs.  Is it a real cat you say to yourselves?  I too am beginning to wonder. For the moment we are sheltering him her or it.  Now today's good photoshoot is all about the weather which Owner says for the First of May is DISAPPOINTING: I have blown it up to MEDIUM good folks and it has all gone a bit blurry like the weather.  Owner is safe and snug in the car with no name and it is called Rainy Days. We sort of love it.

Fresh and warm para.  yes it is nice and warm here as Owner threw the switch to constant saying things like for the first of May this is just no good, and we must keep warm Wonka.  I did say but you will be out most of the day getting fresh supplies and visiting aged parent but she didn't hear me above making a giant shopping list.  It is the day before the day before, and Owner is busy packing and preparing.  I am NEARLY THERE she keeps saying with a big smile on her face!  if Owner is happy we all are!!  I do hope Sheffield is ready for this......and she is meeting a good friend from her school days even.  Me?  thanks for asking, I expect to be spoilt rotten again by my Auntie and of course there will be the supervising of Growler.  Mr Beau is self sufficient a free spirit even and Ruggles is the best behaved of all of us.  I love him.

Final are we there yet para.  Owner falls back in laden with tins and parcels of cat litter saying things like THANK GOODNESS I AM HOME it has been a nightmare afternoon and so on.  I tried to listen but as you know I do have a life and there are things I need to do.  I did count out the tins as she brought them out of the good shopping bag and thought I counted ten.  Is there a world shortage of catfood I ventured (have not said it lately) from well behind the kitchen door but she couldn't hear me above tidying it all away.  Now due to Owner's nightmare afternoon wrestling with failed appointments, GP surgeries, Clinics who do not know what you do, She has missed our hero Ronnie at the green baize knocking those balls in but thinks the score is 6 - 2 in his favour.  Have we been here before I said?  YES she goes back.  We are praying that Ronnie will save some action for Satdee aft otherwise I am leaving home.  Now tonight if Owner can pull back round as she seems to be on a bit of a go slow we will be watching snooker, Enders as long as Owner does not get annoyed with any of the numerous storylines going on about dead Lucee and grief stricken Ian, then Masterchef.  last night that steely and frightening chef Marcus was guesting as they say and judging for goodness sake and became even more frightening when he smiled and either winked or had an eye twitch going on.  I could do with him at the Care Home goes Owner.  She loves him.  Now tomorrow there may well be a story to tell, and you will then have to wait til Sundee for the lowdown on Owner's dream Ticket.  Do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x