Sunday, 18 May 2014

Satisfying Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes we slept in.  By a good hour it was and I had nearly given up on Owner ever coming to.  To dab a claw or not to dab a claw I said to myself edging up closer and closer and THEN..Good Morning Wonka she goes!  Hang on she said whilst I remember my dream.  Which was you all say?  She was doing some figure work and get this, congratulating herself on getting it right so quickly as it was a new job.  Did anyone help you I enquired (like this word)?  yes this young girl was helping me and I thought how lovely to have a helper like that.  #A bit later on Owner thinks she has the meaning by the throat.  it means, she said to me, that I have figured it out quickly.  Figured what out I said....I DON'T KNOW she goes back.  I love it.

Fresh and satisfying para.  How come you all go, Owner is full of beans after yesterdee when all was pointless.  Ah, that is all down to Owner's philosophy and of course my sage advice.  (list) 1.  you cannot avoid the awful truth.  In Owner's case the unrelenting burden of problems. 2.  Once you have realised it is awful you must set it aside and WAIT.  3.  Now in between all of this you are allowed to pig out on the dish of your choice.  It could be fish and chips like we did, it could be a curry (no curry shop nearby) it could be two yes two cream slices. 4.  I am trying not to let Owner see me writing this but a further treat JUST THE ONE is allowed.  Like a new book or DVD or Boxset. 5. a new day will bring a new answer.  What are you on about said Owner creeping up on me.  NOTHING I said back.  but today good folks out there, Owner has swung into action and not only sorted out the problems of others but had a good day for herself into the bargain.  How so you want to know.  Geraniums, more geraniums because that is just what the good back yard needed and I did not say a word when she fell back in the door with not one not two but three of them!  Was it on offer I said helpfully?  three for two she goes before she disappeared out back. hours later she comes back in saying things like I HAVE REPOTTED THE LAVENDER.  Oh I goes back and me and Bertie we are starving.  Mr Beau has been in twice and even Tinkers has lingered by the gate.  We love him or her.

OWNER'S BOOK SLOT !!!!! Just a tiny one for today but wait til you see good folks.

Yes there it is  The Art of Peace and it is a tiny book which was given to Owner by her Dad many years ago.  she is letting you see a couple of pages from it too. How will anyone see them I goes to Owner?  With great difficulty she goes back.  What does it say I ventured.....

Foster and Polish
The Warrior spirit
While serving in the world;
Illuminate the Path
According to your Inner light...........OOh I said but these writings are from the founder of Aikido which is a Japanese martial art so it is alright good folks to polish that spirit!  The other page says:
The path of Peace is exceedingly vast, reflecting the grand design of the hidden and manifest worlds.  A warrior is a living shrine of the divine, one who serves that grand purpose.

Well get you Owner, picking that little pocket book out for us.  The art of Peace, it says in the beginning of the book, begins with you.  Work on yourself.....we love it.

Fresh, satisfying and peaceful para.  So there we are good folks, aside from Owner picking a film for us to watch while we wait for our tea which I cannot for the life of me see anyone is called the toothfairy so try and avoid it if you can.  I did whisper what is this downright rubbish film on for but she didn't hear me above putting a potato in the oven.  Later on all we can watch is the British TV awards with good Graham Norton fresh from his coverage of the Eurovision song contest.  He did make one or two witty remarks said Owner so we might tune in.  There is no drama to watch other than what is going on in this house.   Only joking Owner!  ~And a final happy ending to note is that Owner has finished her book.  I HAD TO FINISH IT she goes, but it made me feel funny.  And that good folks is that.  Now the new week is upon us nearly and let us all polish our spirits and win out!  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x