Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sleepy Sundee

Wonka here.  conchita conchita!!  rising like a phoenix she was and winning the contest yesterdee.  I told Owner that predictions like SWEDEN will win it were made TOO SOON.  I realise that now said Owner who stayed up as late as you like to watch the whole show.  Yes I am droning on about the Eurovision song Contest.  What about ours then you all say out there in the Wold?  Our entry washed up with a few pwa (that's our way of saying points you know) here and there.  Owner's final say on it.  Our entry was old fashioned shouty chorusy pop that said nothing about us.  LE FIN.  I love it.

Fresh and about to doze off para.  thanks to waking up early doors, no it was not me, and it was not Bertie, all the chores were over by 9 am and Owner has sat and read solidly catching up with all the news everywhere.  I AM VERY WELL INFORMED now she goes to me but I didn't hear her above trying to snuggle down on my giant nest stroke settee.  Bertie I need to tell you asked to go out and he stayed out for a full ten minutes before tapping on the window to get back in.  It's lucky I wasn't perched on the good sideboard looking out from my side as that would have given me a start to see him looking at me.  He is now exhausted with that activity and is back in his lair under the stairs.  Now normally we would have a little book offered up from Owner for her bookslot but we are breaking with tradition.  Why you say?  WE JUST ARE.  yesterdee I had to fairly leap into action as Bertie looked like he was about to play with my super toy the one with the ball that I have to bash round.  I just stopped him in time.  But here follows a photoshoot of my all time fave toy:  Do not under any circumstances ask me how I uploaded that said Owner who is in danger of going straight onto FUNNY SETTING.  I will not ask you ever I said.  it is the shortest video in the wold and it is of four of my fave toys.  at the front is of course the famous mousey of Wonka and Mousey and just above is my fish called Willy.  slightly for some reason out of shot is tiny green mouse but to the left is an oval plastic capsule.  and that good folks out there is my real fave toy of all time.  it gets lost sometimes and I sit for what seems like hours in strange places and for all the wold it looks like I am doing nothing but I am patiently waiting for Owner for extract this toy from where it is hiding.  GOODNESS ME goes Owner when she lays flat out on the floor and stretches her arm as far as it will go under the blanket box.  I love it.

Dozing off para.  We have sighted Tinkers by the gate and it has had two helpings.  it has a raggedy looking collar on and may not have a home.  We love him or her.  This afternoon went by in a nice snuggly dream and Owner actually went off out to the cavernous supermarket, took the ill fitting trousers back and came home with an equally unsuitable pair of leggings.  you will never wear them I warned from the depths of the living room whilst she was unpacking more good surf powder in the kitchen.  She didn't hear me above dwelling on one of the shop assistants who she thoroughly dislikes.  I MAY NOT GO BACK she told me.  Very wise I said.  The small matter of being overcharged and buying the wrong thing was glossed over once I said to simply LET IT GO Owner.  Let us enjoy the rest of good Sundee I said hoping for some teatime any day soon.  I love you Wonka she goes, you are so right.  Now tonight we have saved our action packed dvd hoping it does live up to the nice build up.  We do like a bit of Jason Statham so we should be OK.  Then there is the Crimson field and all is upside down with the nurses who will fall in love with the wrong ones.  Now you will excuse me but I have a nap to be getting on with and Owner of course must see to any of the others out back especially teddy bear Ruggles.  Go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and let us all have a rewarding week ahead.  Big love Wonka x