Saturday, 24 May 2014

Soggy Satdee

Wonka here.  Cold start then rain and it held off until after Owner had pegged up all the washing.  yes.  I'LL HAVE TO BRING IT IN AND SPIN IT she goes, yes I thought and dry it all on the red hot radiators.  why is the heating on you all ask out there in your possibly warmer countries?  the minute it goes a tad chilly does Owner worry.  And we cannot have that.  LIFE IS HARD enough goes Owner in fact this is her motto, WITHOUT BEING COLD.  End of.  I love it.

Soggy new para.  So it rained fairly hard and then eased off to that relentless drizzle.  and that is because it is a bank holiday weekend here folks and everyone wants to enjoy an extra day tacked onto the weekend.  Instead we are huddled up to the telly.  As per.  Now Owner has some company today and maybe for a bit longer and it is Grandson.  Due to this Bertie has hidden away first upstairs crushed behind a wooden trolley in  the dark corner, then he came down to use the facilities and crammed back into the Narnia cupboard under the stairs.  We have reassured him that Grandson is not a monster but so far he (or she??) does not believe it.  Due to this visit the fridge is packed with food and snacks.  These are important to Grandson and must not run out.  Owner hasn't much time to eat due to (list) 1.  feeding us lot 2.  Feeding grandson 3.  Visiting aged parent 4. lots of other jobs that need doing.  Now today's photoshoot as promised is a look at our new toys.  Me and Bertie's:
 there we are!! First up is the lion next to giraffe to give you an idea of size and it is weensy I tell you, next up is an ariel shot of elephant.  And we are still not bothering with either of them.  I love it.

Final soggy para.  Owner has just checked out tonight's tv and to her horror, Britain might have a little bit of talent is not on.  Instead there is......some football match thing.  thank goodness Wonka she says, I got me and grandson a couple of films to watch.  I pray they are decent films and one of them has thingy reeves in it about some Samurai soldiers (I KNOW) and the other one is REDS2 with good Bruce Willis who we do love in most films.  Luckily Casualtee is still on so we can rest easy in Charley nursey's good wisdom and healing talk.  Last night we were WRONG.  how so you all gasp up?  Because someone decided not to put Enders on.  That is not necessarily a bad thing said Owner.  And over on Corrie, lying and cheating Petah has finally been rumbled by Carling black eyebrow's bruv, Rob.  How come said Owner,  I am the only one who sees through Petah.  That is because LOVE IS BLIND I said back.  Time to check on Bertie and his doings and whether Mr Beau is perched on the sill and Ruggles on the doorstep.Now do enjoy your evenings out there in the Wold good folks, wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x