Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sultry Satdee

Wonka here.  They said it would be hot and by Golly it is hot!  As soon as we woke up we knew it was WARM.  I hope dear Owner I said extending a small claw towards her lip incase she nodded back off, I hope you have not left the heating on.  I adjusted it accordingly she said, thereby proving she was on FULL AWAKE setting.  We wandered downstairs and Owner began the feeding frenzy rounded off with Mr Beau Beau winding through the poor back door just as Rugglesis was ready to growl his way out.  it does get congested (good use of word) in that miniscule space where Owner has to cram up against the beloved new washer to avoid attack by Ruggles of any of her exposed leg.  HE THINKS HE IS TRAPPED she says in his defence.  I said you won't say that when he lobs you a left hook and scars you for life but she didn't hear me above shaking out more biscuits into the overflowing with biscuits saucer.  I love it.

Fresh and very warm para.   Now you know and I know how tricky it is some days cheering Owner on and lifting her jaded spirits.  What you all say, has happened.  the morning passed by in a dream with Owner doing this job doing that job whilst me and Bertie rested up.  So far so good you all reckon and I agree.  it all went downhill once Owner set off on her rounds.  first up to see aged sibling and second up to see aged parent.  Time and time again I have warned against this foolish double whammy of visiting.  of course I generally say all of this just as the good front door is closing and she cannot hear me.  She specially cannot hear me mouthing through the double glazing at her sitting in the car with no name across the street stroke motorway.  Anyhow, does she fall back through the door saying things like.  IT IS ALL POINTLESS Wonka.  Instead of asking why I immediately told her how lovely her hair looked and goodness me, that top didn't half suit etc.  Yes I was speaking from behind the door when I said it.  The good news was, it had all got so desperate she got us all fish and chips for our tea.  BLOW THE COST she said, and seemed unconcerned (!) about all the fat and such like.  I must say me and Bertie tucked in without further ado, but Ruggles...he does not like real fish.  Fancy that, goes Owner who had saved it specially.   a bit later on when we were all fed and nicely, I did say to Owner about the visits and she goes, I got to one of them and it was a load of problems and I got to the other one and it was a load of problems, and that's when I decided it was all pointless.  Whether she means their problems or the universe I cannot be certain, but rest assured good folks out there I have helped her focus on what really matters and that is US.  I also said to her did you go swimming to the happy place and she says yes I did.  I always find a positive folks.  now for the photoshoot is a good cartoon of last night called CHEZ NOUS:

That is Owner watching the good final of Masterchef and for once she got it right and Ping won!!  I am on my nest stroke settee and that blob by the side is Bertie.  We love it.

Final bit cooler para.  Tonight we must watch anything that makes Owner feel better.  So why we are watching a football match I cannot say.  Owner does not follow football, she does not understand it, she cannot name a player, but here we are with an FA cup final on the screen.  she even knows who is playing it is Arsenal v Hull.  Hull to win it she goes because she used to live there.  Are they winning I said.  not at the minute she said back.  Now when all of that is over we can enjoy Britain seems to have some talent with Simon Ghoul and the other three good judges.  If that does not cheer Owner up there is Casualtee with good Charley Nursey being all wise and kind and everyone else is telling on each other.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x