Thursday, 8 May 2014

Talkit through Thursdee

Wonka here.  I am proud to announce we had an uneventful night with just the usual pitstops in it and it only took Owner two hours relentless maintenance to put all back to order!  I HAD A LOVELY DREAM she goes, just as I was dabbing at her lip with a claw.  How was I to know she had woken up good folks out there?  Luckily she spent time recalling the dream rather than noticing my handiwork.  I was able to pounce on both feet as and when due to this slow recalling thing.  POUNCE.  I had a new and gorgeous full length gold dress she goes.  POUNCE.  It was more of gown really you know like the filmstars used to trot about in.  I was going out somewhere and had to change.  POUNCE.  My friends were there too and something about a book and a small dog outside the window and I said to let it in.  POUNCE.  Was it a nice dog I ventured because we don't really need any more animals right now.  I can't remember that bit she goes.  I love it.

Fresh and clean para.  you will all be wanting a sock update.  Yes.  Owner was on the look out for some good socks that do not grip your leg and (list) 1.  Cut off your poor circulation 2. leave an angry red mark round your leg or ankle. 3.  have two dozen unnecessary designs on it.  I bet you are all thinking right now, ooh have I got some of those good socks, or, where can I get some from.  Owner reports that the place to look is the least likely and that this is true of most things in life.  Get you I said, quietly and from behind the kitchen door.  Owner continued on with her sock story and I must say I had to stifle a yawn or two but it was coming up to our tea time so had to try and look interested.  Did you get what socks you wanted I said brushing up against the pouch box.  THEY ARE CALLED NON ELASTICATED socks goes Owner but when she looked at them properly she reckons they are.  Will you take them back I said barely awake now.  NO she goes back.  Now if you are still awake good folks out there and not nodded off here is today's good photoshoot offering and it will wake you up because it is Owner and the Accounts! you recall her fight with the tax code.  I have flown it up top and there is Owner surrounded by information and such and there I am on the good sideboard looking out back.  I love it.

Final talked it through para.  What is this talk it through business you wonder.  Owner had a talk it through with aged sibling.  she is of the view good folks that often you can solve things and reckon things up simply by a good talk.  What I goes, like listening up when you fall back in the door with bags and bundles and tell me all about it?  SORT OF she said.  I mean I thought that was having a good moan and grumble but kept this to myself as I say it was practically hugging up to my teatime.  I cannot own up to talking things through much on my side, I prefer a little munch, a seagull watch, a checking up on all the waifs and strays we now have and whether Bertie is still in his or her lair.  he is.  And then a few naps to keep me going.  Talking must be the reserve of humans.  Now last night we managed nicely with the plus one to help us out.   Good corrie delivered up the confessions of Anna to, get this, Roy in the caff.  We have warned Rita not to take thingy back and so far she hasn't.  the best bit is cheating off the wagon fresh from rehab Pete is to return, and topping that is the news that Tim who cannot put a foot right is back at the table with Sally. We did see the Supervet and he is helping out us cats and alright some dogs too.  he is called Neil and is probably a bit mad and we love him.  Tonight we must bear up with Enders and more hints and clues as to who saw Lucee off and whether the family in the vic is still growing.  Masterchef will safely see Owner as an armchair critic for an hour and we predict Ping or jack will win it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x