Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tense Thursdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks out there and first up it has gone cooler.  Has Owner put the heating back on (I nearly said that is your burning question but I stopped myself) and guess what?  YES you got it right.  She struggled briefly with timers and thermostats and taps but I pride myself on advice as you know and I said OWNER DO YOU KNOW WHAT BUTTON TO PRESS and she did.  so thankfully despite a teensy weensy drop in the temperature we are toasty warm!!  Now I didn't tell you but I have started a new game in the morning all in aid of getting Owner up and making sure she is awake and not dropping back off!  it is bite Owner on the arm game.  Only gently mind.  yes it works a treat.  I love it.

Fresh and fairly tense para.  Why is it tense you say.  if you lived with Owner this is a question you simply would not need to ask.  Her dentist once said to her (that is the good dentist who turned out to be not so good hence the search for a new one, no we have not found one yet) he said, don't hold your breath.  What a nerve goes Owner to me later on when she telling me and I didn't like to say that I agreed with him incase I didn't get any tea time.  However, yes it has been tense due to voting, and due to meetings with aged sibling and associated meeters (like the long word and my invented word).  How did it all go I said when she trooped back in just right for our tea time.  ALRIGHT BUT I'VE HAD ENOUGH she goes.  Well could me and Bertie have our food first I said because we are starving.  And there is good Ruggles too I whispered from behind the good row of boxes of cat food.  This morning there was a BIG feeding frenzy with quite a bit of hissing and growling and I must say I coped really well.  Cartoon? photoshoot you all say?  There is a choice today because owner only went and phoned into good Radio 2 and spoke up on the Jeremy Vine lunch time show! GASP you all say....yes it was about people being flung out of hospital in the middle of the night or evening without a by your leave.  Old and vulnerable people says Owner, so I rang in (quote) about aged parent.  BLIMEY I said back, trying to imagine Owner sitting in the carpark of the supermarket she does not like making this call.  I couldn't imagine it but I did think it strange earlier on and I did say to Bertie is that Owner's voice on the radio when I was trying to get some zzzzzzzzzzzz.  But that is tmro's good cartoon.  Today it is all about VOTING:  there is Owner marching to vote at the local church.  I am having a happy dream to the right and Bertie is doing something to the left.  I love it.

Final tense para.  What else you say in this tense action packed day?  The phone has gone funny.  It is just one long ring and Owner says will now need a new phone.  it might just be one of those cold call things I said.  I DON'T CARE she goes to me.  now tonight we are back on with Enders, and more about whodunit mixed in with Shirlee and her irritating son who we cannot to save our life recall his name.then Holby City which will make us think it is Tuesdee and then a new thing.  it is a drama with a good write up.  I'LL GIVE IT 5 MINUTES she goes.  Are you sure you want to leave the phone off the hook I casually mentioned but she couldn't hear me about putting the kettle on for a soothing cuppa.  I cannot stand that silly ringing noise she shouted at me and I can only agree good folks.  it is tense enough in this house without that.  Two things I must tell you about tmro:  holidays in August and Owner's love life according to good Russell Grant.  Plus. I have a new toy.  Now it is time to get on and check things including whether Owner is less tense yet......Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka