Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tip top Tuesdee

Wonka here.  New routine is working well. what new routine you all shout up?  the one where I creep up alongside the bed and jump up surprising Bertie aka smellygrowler and he jumps off leaving me free to WAKE UP OWNER.... yes I did have to do the dab at lip with claw this morn as Owner in danger of sleeping through.  She said thought it was Sundee.  Not a hope I goes.  The Breakfast club opened for business and Rug trots in nicely and only growled slightly to trot back out.  As opposed to Bertie who is on Growl Setting.  Now they are all on about a heat wave and can it hurry up please.  yes it is sunny yes it is Blue Sky but it is still not warm enough.  We love it.

Tip top para.  what is tip top about it you wonder.  We shall see.  Now it is highly likely that some of you out there in the Wold are wanting an update on Baba's buddleia.  Yesterdee I sent Owner out back to sort out some repotting and maybe a bit of take a cutting here and there.  how did she get on?  After an initial shaky start where she filled the giant pot with that fibre stuff and forgot to poke holes in the bottom, it was fine.  HOW WILL THE WATER ESCAPE I shouted through the window but she may not have heard me above the poor double glazing.  I know she is handy with a knife but I also said take it steady Owner as she really attacked the bottom of those pots! Anyhow, Baba's buddleia is now in one of the new and giant pots so it can grown into a huge tree.  And for anyone who does not know who he is, he was my companion in between Golly and the others.  Oh alright Bertie then.  and maybe Mr Beau.  should you all want to read about him there is the story on www.smashwords.com  #wonka or go straight to it  on  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/349593

Now you will all want to see the new plant pot and here it is:  flown it to the left hand side don't ask me why.  doesn't it look grand.  finally Owner called it after Baba because after he went off to the sanctuary in the sky this little tiny thing next to his fave kennel grew loads and even sprouted a flower!!  we love it.  and we love you Baba.  hankies away folks!

Next tip top para.  Owner announced a visit to aged parent with two new items of clothing. Let's hope you do better with her than those trousers I shouted after her but she didn't hear me above closing the good front door.  thankfully this means I can get my head down and not have to advise for the next few hours.  Bertie is in his lair I checked.  Bliss.  it only seemed like seconds later when she came crashing back through the front door laden with boxes of food and water.  She used to criticise aged parent and sibling for buying water in....WHY ARE YOU STOCKPILING ALL THESE PLASTIC BOTTLES of water she would go.  do you remember that I said to her as she was stockpiling it all in the back of the fridge but she pretended not to hear me.  Now whilst she was at aged parent's 'home' she took part in the resident's quiz.  YES SHE LOVED THEM she goes when I dared to pipe up about the new shirts stroke blouses.  (this is tip top)There were some newbies there too she says, and we had a laugh.  But how did you do in the quiz I ventured (like it).  And here is a further tip top....  I got ten out of ten in the first one but missed a couple in the next.  LIKE I said.  The capital of Wales is Cardiff. (I knew that).  and something about skiing (Slalom.  I knew that).  She loves it.

Last topping para.  More and final tip top news on the social front is that Owner is invited to a party in July.  she doesn't know what to wear as yet but we will keep you updated about this important event.  I never go out, she declared.  This could run and run good folks out there and personally I can see a long line of wrong ill fitting clothes marching in and out the door.   Keep it simple I advised, be classy and stylish as only you can.  ~Well it is nearly tea time and I don't want to upset the feeding schedule.  Now tonight we have to bear up with Enders and the continuing annoying in the extreme storyline about Dot being hoodwinked as to her family.  I mean.  Deep breaths Owner.  Also simmering is David and Carole's scarf and cancer.  She is being all lovey dovey which can only mean a big argument maybe this episode or next.  As to who knocked off Lucee, my money is on the cleaner who we never glimpse.  The there is good Holby city where Jack who is a woman high up doctor thing and her baby's Dad keep at it (fighting), cuddly Doctor thingy keeps smoothing things over and all the others are just plain nasty.  ~finally to make sure Owner goes to bed OK there is Happy Valley and we already know this will go badly.  and Darkly.  but we have to watch it grim and all.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x