Saturday, 28 June 2014

Anyone for Tennis Satdee

Wonka here.  I SLEPT LIKE A LOG goes Owner, and blow me down if I didn't snuggle up to little jammy dodger stroke Bertie in the night.  perhaps if you did more snuggling instead of hissing I would sleep soundly every night goes Owner.  But I didn't hear her above sneaking a look at Bertie in the wardrobe and getting a big Hiss as a reaction.  Dreams?  VERY DETAILED goes Owner, all about this chap and I was telling him all about myself.  and then there was a party involving chocolate and biscuits.  and a wife.  OH I said. Now the weather has hardly had a mention but in keeping with Wimbledon and Glastonbury (we know what is going down!) it has been raining and cool.  Today you all shout up?  COOL AND LIGHT DRIZZle goes Owner observing from the window.  And freezing she goes when she came back from the luxury shed. 

Fresh tennis ridden para.  Tinkers and Rug both called for breakfast and Rug had his usual prodigal son welcome.  (that is Owner's fave parable and can be applied to cats.)  Now on the good telly is a re run with lots of different folks talking up, of Murray mint's win last year.  this could cause trouble as you know Owner supports Novak and Rafa and will only cheer on Murray mint if no one else left in it.  BUT, with me Wonka for support, Andy Murray the Mint should bash his way through like a breeze.  yes there is Daddy Federer to support too and Bertie is now championing him.  if  Ruggles were to champion anyone it will have to be an outsider who needs lots of looking after.... we will carefully select from the women's singles and we do rather like Sabine and nice Caroline.  The big plus will be if neither of them shout and grunt as they serve as this DRIVES ME MAD says Owner.  I love it and I do like to watch that little yellow ball go back and forth...

Fresh nearly finished with the tennis para.  Ooh sorry the footie is back on today! we may watch a little Brazil v Chile to wet our appetites...that is after beloved Rafa.  so our photoshoot is of course all about tennis:
There we are shouting at the good telly (Owner) and the usual is it in IN no it is OUT and then they challenge it and it is IN!! I am on the good settee trying to doze off a bit and Bertie down the side.  We love it.
Final for tennis and footie para.  yesterdee was a footie free zone and we caught up with good Corrie and Enders.  There is a surprise turn in Corrie as good Deardree (was on the phone to Ken) spies the dog tugging at something and WOE it is a charm bracelet and WOE Owner thinks it was teenah's dropped in all the murdering what does she do?  She washes it and the entire household have now touched it.  Peetah first.  yes.  And another turn.  What can it be you all gasp??  The nice girl that gingertop Gary spent the night with has been introduced as Kal's daughter!!  Who is Kal you all gasp up next??  Kal is the nice lad who runs the gym and has snuggled up with Leeane who was married to Nick and maybe still is.  How is Nick taking this you all want to know.  BADLY.  We love it.  Over in Enders Mick has taken the plunge and much to Owner's amazement we spied Ian at the barfs!! Owner could not get over it and kept repeating it.  The Swimming Baths!  We have never ever seen anyone at the baths in all these years!!  Has Mick grown any new family whilst he was there?  Well when he realises that Shirlee is not his good sister but his poor mother he will find all his family are reshuffled!  Goodness me!!  Tonight we must watch a little bit of Brazil v Chile and Owner is firmly shouting up for Neymar.  those Chile babes she goes SWARM ALL OVER THE PITCH!!  We shall see.  At the moment it is one all.  Darling Rafa won his match and Federer is rushing on into his little match and the last we saw of him there was just him on the score board.  Owner reckons if we give him ten minutes he will have polished off his opponent in three straight sets.  Oh there is that silly billy safe game on beeb one with good Nick thingmy playing a quiz game that Owner states as RIDICULOUS.  So we will be glued to it, and then to round us off and see us into our pits is good Casualtee.  Good Doctor Zoe has hung up her consultant manager head of team thing and now career driven Connie is at the helm..  So we like Connie yet.  NO.  We love her.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and don't overdose too much on sport.  may the best side win!!  big Love Wonka x