Friday, 6 June 2014

Back on board Fridee

Wonka here.  A fitful night.  This always follows an anxiety ridden day like yesterdee.  We did try folks but I noticed in the night while me and Bertie were doing the usual hopping on and off the bed, growling, running downstairs, running back up, hopping on and off the get the picture, well I did notice that Owner was tossing this way and that and finding time to say STOP IT to Bertie, and WONKA WAS HERE FIRST!!  I love you Owner.

Fresh back to it para.  It was tough this  morn to get up and we did sleep in for one snoozle.  Once up though I thought Owner is back on track.  I FEEL MORE LIKE IT she goes to me, and told Bertie off for the nth time for stealing my food.   She has even done a good cartoon for someone in the job that isn't quite making it, who is to leave (hence the party that Owner is going to.  No she still hasn't got a party outfit.  Watch this space.)  What else has cheered Owner on?  No more red rag emails and it is sunny and warm.  ish.   Also to report, beloved Novak is through to the final (tennis.  French open) and Rafa is to play opposite.  Murray mint lost to Rafa, and the commentator said it was his worst lose for a long time.  We felt sorry for him for a moment or two.  No more football news as yet but Owner is slowly gearing up to it.  We will launch our very own POSTAGE STAMP Commentary as soon as it starts.  This means good folks out there all wondering what the heck this world cup is all about, you will learn from Owner, a few bits and pieces.  We love it.

Fresh and upbeat para.  For our good photoshoot Owner has pulled out all the stops and created a masterpiece.  alright is is a cartoon of the new Purple Kettle.  There is a lot in the news about looking over our shoulders at days gone past when world wars were being fought, not world cups played, and we do pay our own small homage to all those around the Wold who lost their lives so we could do things like this good blog today.  We salute you.  and we especially salute all the animals and birds (Pigeons) who helped us too.  We love you all for ever.  now here is the much anticipated kettle:

There it is!! I am looking on in wonderment, and to the left hand side is the edge of the good radio and just up from that is a cutting from a newspaper with a good portrait of a girl with a mink or some such animal and it may be da vinci (says Owner) and then over to the left is a blue cup without a handle that we pop tea bags in and a mug of spoons.  This kettle is a beaut.  it is shiny and deep purple.  We all know purple is a good colour and has spawned (like it) some good tunes like Purple Haze and Purple Rain.  there must be a third one and it is Deep Purple, who are a group but they make tunes so they count..  We love it.

Final back on board para.  Last night we did watch Enders and it was as lacklustre (ooh) as we feared.  That strange girl who is forty going on four and her girlfriend seemed to take up the whole episode and the newly returned son of Shirlee, oh and Billy.  Owner doesn't mind Billy even though he is the butt of all evil Phil's jokes, but this time he has made off with a pack of children that are suddenly his although we haven't seen them in years.  We love it.  Corrie you all say?  Carling black eyebrows has gone and lost the babeh which given the situation, full of murderers, alcoholics and downright tricksters may be a relief.  It is full of woe time for all involved and Peeter is ever nearer to being framed for just about everything.  Even if the beer in the rovers goes off it will be Peeter's fault.  We love it and cannot wait for our double helping tonight.

Real final para.  We have not seen Mr Beau all week and Owner is now fretting.  Tinkers may be flitting across the busy motorway aka our street still and gobbling down any food in the luxury shed.  meanwhile Rugglesis continues to feed on a regular basis and sat in the yard this morning in a spot of sunshine.  We love him.   Owner did go out to her other job and came back on normal setting. She had even checked up on aged parent.  SHE WAS FINE reports Owner, and  did not say I looked tired.  this is a massive bonus  I said to Owner seeing as how you do look a tad worn out but she didn't hear me above running a nice bubble bath.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x